Friday, 16 March 2018

Bryony and Leigh win the newsquiz

The MailOnline trainees had a full week in the Kensington HQ. They enjoyed a day with the Mail lawyers and a session by editorial compliance manager Paul Hutchinson, went through the stylebook with Mike Watson, presented exclusive story ideas to assistant editor Ian Walker, had a walk through the travel page with Ted Thornhill and received a good overview of video from Lisa Snell. Sophie Law won a scratchcard for the best video headline. And well done too to Claire Anderson who was the first trainee on the course to be published with a story she brought in. Read it here

Hopefully, we will see many more bylines over the next couple of weeks.
We finished as always with the newsquiz. This week’s joint winner with scores of 17.5 were Bryony Jewell and Leigh McManus, who were narrowly ahead of Bhvishya Patel with 17. Bhvishya’s score of 16 last week was, unusually, not beaten by anyone online. Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe did manage a joint 16 though. Here is this week’s quiz. As usual, it is 25 questions about the week. See if you can beat Bryony and Leigh's score.

Russia's front page domination

1. How many Russian diplomats did Theresa May say would be expelled from Britain?
2. According to Theresa May the nerve agents used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia belong to a group known as what?
3. Who was accused by Russia's Major-General Igor Konashenkov of talking like a 'market wench' which reflected his 'extreme intellectual impotency’?
4. Which three countries joined with the UK to say, in a joint statement, that Russian involvement was 'the only plausible explanation’ for the Salisbury poisonings?
5. Jeremy Corbyn defended his position on the Russian poisoning affair by saying we should not resign ourselves to a ‘new cold war of escalating arms spending, proxy conflicts across the globe and a ______ intolerance of dissent’? What is the missing word? 
6. How did Theresa May greet a tattooed woman as she went on a walkabout in Salisbury following the poisonings?
7. Sir Ken Dodd died at the house where he was born in 1927 in which area of Liverpool?
8. Ken Dodd had one Number 1 hit in the UK with a song that was the biggest-selling single of 1965 and the third-biggest selling single of the 1960s. What was it called?
9. Unilever has chosen which city as its new headquarters for its food and refreshment division?
10. Who said he wasn’t told he had lost his job until three hours after it was tweeted?
11. At least six people were killed after a footbridge collapsed near which university (full name please)?
12. How old was Stephen Hawking, who died this week age 76, when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease?
13. Labour MP Debbie Abrahams claimed she had been the victim of a ‘bullying culture’ after she stepped aside from what role in the shadow cabinet? 
14. An inquiry was called for after it was revealed that girls in which town were drugged, beaten and raped at the hands of a grooming gang active since the 1980s? 
15. Tens of thousands of students across America walked out of their classrooms for how many minutes on Wednesday in a protest about gun laws?
16. Peter Williams was born in Cheshire, appeared on Last of the Summer Wine, advertised Tetley beer and became a household name by presenting a TV progamme for 14 years. How is he better known?
17. Egyptian engineering student Mariam Moustafa, 18, died after being attacked by a gang of girls in which city?
18. Who missed the last two days of the Cheltenham Festival after damaging his leg when he fell from Al Boum Photo?
19. Which retailer withdrew a red shirt with 96 on the back that some believe referred to the Hillsborough disaster?
20. In his spring statement Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a consultation which could lead to the end of what three monetary denominations?
21. Who was suspended after apologising for a ‘moment of madness’?
22. Which city was  named the most attractive place to work and live in the UK based on nine qualities of life, in a survey commissioned by Royal Mail? 
23. Which newspaper was voted Newspaper of the Year in this week’s Press Awards?
24. Protesters stormed the arena at Crufts as the winner was presented with Best in Show. What was the name of the winning dog?
25. Walkers Crisps is marking its 70th anniversary by releasing six  flavours to celebrate the nation's favourite dishes - one for each decade. Coronation chicken represents the 1950s and roast lamb and mint the 1960s. Name any two other flavours. Half point for each.

Answers here

Monday, 12 March 2018

Mail looking for news and sports trainees

Last year's MailOnline trainees 
The Daily Mail and MailOnline are looking for trainee journalists. Applications are now invited for the MailOnline reporters' training scheme and for the sports journalists' scheme, both of which will begin in September. Trainees will take part in a year-long programme that involves intense training, assessment and on-the-job experience at regional daily newspapers and agencies.The successful applicants will probably have a degree and will have shown a commitment to journalism by writing for their student newspaper/website and gained work experience in newsrooms.
The online scheme details are here and the sports scheme here.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Can you beat Bhvishya's quiz score?

The new MailOnline trainees had an interesting first week in London. They had sessions with editor Danny Groom, deputy news-editor Amanda Williams and executive editor Ian WalkerRena Burton talked to them about SEO and former trainees, now senior reporters, Mark Duell and Chris Pleasance gave them tips about the journey ahead. The trainees wrote stories, headlines, bullets, intros and are tackling an exclusive project. This weekend they are putting together a breaking story. We finished the week, as always, with the newsquiz. The winner with 16 points was Bhvishya Patel, narrowly ahead of Byrony Jewell on 15. Faith Ridler came third with 13.5. The top online scorers in last week’s quiz - which everyone seemed to think was a toughie - were Janet Boyle and Liz Gerard, both with 15. Toby Brown and Gavin Devine were just behind on 14.5. The Penman Partnership was the top team on 13.5. Here’s this week’s quiz which, as usual, is 25 questions about the week. Give it a go, see if you can beat Bhvishya’s 16, and let me know how you get on.

Tuesday's front pages: The Russian poison story dominated the news week
1. What is the name of the Salisbury restaurant where Sergei Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter went for a meal before they were attacked with a nerve agent?
2. Name the Detective Sergeant who was poisoned when he helped Sergei Skripal and his daughter?
3. What did Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons foreign affairs committee, say ministers should urge Britain’s allies to join?
4. What was the name of the film about a four-year-old deaf girl that won Best Live Action Short at the Oscars?
5. In his acceptance speech actor Gary Oldman told his mother to ‘put ___ ___ on, I’m bringing Oscar home’? What are the missing two words?
6. Terry Bryant, 47, appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court charged with stealing whose Oscar?
7. South Korea's national security chief Chung Eui-yong announced that Donald Trump 'would meet Kim Jong-un by ____ to achieve permanent denuclearization’. What is the missing month?
8. Trade Secretary Liam Fox is to travel to Washington next week to seek exemption from what?
9.  In which year did Roger Bannister, who died age 88, become the first man to break the four-minute mile?
10. Two students were arrested at which university after a video was uploaded to Twitter where the chants ‘we hate blacks’ and ‘we are the black haters’ could be heard?
11. Who broke down in tears during a Radio 5 Live interview when he said his childhood stopped days before his 12th birthday following the death of his mother?
12. Sisters Nicola and Rosie (aka Flo and Joan) received death threats following their duets for which company?
13. Who said this week: 'We’re not dealing in a legal system ... I’d have had more rights if I’d murdered someone.’?
14. Bill Roache was given compassionate leave from Coronation Street after the death of his 50-year-old daughter. What was her name?
15. Which publication announced it is to stop its print version after 66 years?
16. A leaked Government paper revealed that NHS workers are set to be offered a 6.5 per cent pay rise over three years but only if they do what?
17. Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding were jailed for 36 weeks and 18 weeks respectively after being found guilty of religiously-aggravated harassment. They are the leader and deputy leader of which organisation?
18. Meghan Markle was baptised into the Church of England at a secret ceremony at the Chapel Royal in which Palace?
19. The biggest names in Italian football attended the Santa Croce church in Florence and thousands of fans lined the streets to pay respects to who?
20. Police in Essex released Lamarr Chambers, a suspected drug smuggler, after he had refused to go to the toilet for how many days?
21. Former BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull revealed he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer which has spread to his legs, hips, pelvis and ribs. How old is he?
22. Which event started at Birmingham NEC yesterday and finishes on Sunday?
23. What do forensic scientists believe has been discovered on Howland Island, halfway between Papua New Guinea and Hawaii?
24. David Ogden Stiers who died this week at 75, played surgeon Winchester in which long-running television series?
25. Amazon announced a fix and an apparent explanation for what this week?

Answers here

Friday, 2 March 2018

Test your news knowledge with this week's quiz

There were some good scores in last week's newsquiz. Miles Dilworth weighed in with a personal best of 19, narrowly ahead of Janet Boyle on 18.5 and Toby Brown and Simon O'Neill on 18. Marc Beyeler's team scored 17. Here's this week's quiz - as usual 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 

The weather dominates the front pages this week (Questions 1 to 4)
1. What is the name of the storm that came from Spain and Portugal and collided with the Beast from the East to cause weather havoc in the UK?
2. What did the Met Office issue for only the third time since 2011?
3. Why was baby Sienna Waring in the headlines?
4. Mother-of-two Charmaine Laurie, 45, was praised after a video of her doing what in Edinburgh went viral? 
5. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was criticised for comparing crossing the Irish border after Brexit to what? 
6. In a speech to the Creative Industries Federation former Prime Minister John Major described the Brexit campaign's aspiration to spend an extra £350m a week on the NHS as a ridiculous ______’. What is the missing word?
7. Theresa May told the Westminster Correspondents' dinner that during election canvassing last year she interrupted a couple having sex where?
8. Hugh Grant reacted to the Government dropping the second part of the Leveson inquiry into Press standards by tweeting that two people 'wiggle their fingers and their puppet prime minister dances. A depressing and shameful spectacle.’ Which two people did he name? Half a point for each.
9. The Metropolitan Police are to question Max Mosley, the former president of world motorsport’s governing body, after allegations of racist behaviour following an investigation by which newspaper?
10. Donald Trump berated his Republican colleagues at a White House meeting saying: 'Some of you people are ____ of the NRA. You can’t be ____’. What is the missing word?
11. Donald Trump announced stiff tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium. What percent did he announce for both? Half a point for each.
12. Vladimir Putin said Russia is testing a new line of ICBMs and the US responded by saying he had violated the INF treaty. What do ICBM and INF stand for? Half a point for each.
13. Phil Neville's reign as head coach of England Women football team got off to the perfect start with a 4-1 victory against which country?
14. Harry Smith, executive chairman and managing director of Gurr Johns, spent £113 million on what this week?
15. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a forum organised by which charitable organisation?
16. Which retailer, with more than 200 stores and 2,300 staff, collapsed into administration after talks with buyers failed to secure a sale?
17. Which restaurant chain is reportedly preparing to close 100 of its 300 outlets in an attempt to rescue the business?
18. How were Mary Rajoobeer, 46, and her teenage sons Shane and Sean killed?
19. A coroner in Brighton said Zac Cox died because practices at his workplace were 'inherently unsafe’. Where was he working?
20. Who did Sheila Farebrother leave two ceramic urns to in her will?
21. She was Alice Tinker in the Vicar of Dibley and Honey Thacker in Notting Hill. Who is she?
22. How did privately educated former foreign exchange dealer David Adams usually travel to the 130 homes he burgled in Dorset and Hampshire?
23. The Royal Mint has released 26 different 10p coins to showcase the 'A to Z of what makes Britain great’. What is depicted on A?
24. Who said he would never travel on public transport again after he was  abused on a train from Scotland to London?
25. Rolling Stone Keith Richards apologised to Mick Jagger after telling the Wall Street Journal Magazine that his bandmate was a ‘___ ___ ___’ who should get 'the snip’. What are the three missing words?

Answers here

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Test your knowledge with the newsquiz

Last week’s newsquiz was clearly a tough one with scores much lower than usual. Janet Boyle and Gavin Devine were top of the pile on 15 points, with Janet describing it as 'a toughie’. Liz Gerard was close behind with 14. This week’s quiz, as usual 25 questions about the week’s events, is hopefully a little less demanding. Let me know how you get on.

Today's front pages
1. In an address to Austrian business leaders, Brexit Secretary David Davis said Britain will not be 'plunged into a ___ ___ style world borrowed from dystopian fiction' after it leaves the EU. What are the two missing words?
2. Theresa May and 11 senior ministers thrashed out the UK’s approach to Brexit at an eight-hour meeting on Thursday held where?
3. Why was Jan Dymic in the headlines?
4. Why did Scot Peterson resign from his role at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School?
5. Emma Gonzalez, a student who survived the Florida shooting, gave a speech in favour of gun control in which she repeatedly used which two letters to call out the lawmakers and gun advocates?
6. Which courier firm failed to deliver chicken to 900 KFC branches causing them to shut?
7. How much will a television licence cost from April?
8. Fourteen days of industrial action over four weeks have been scheduled by the UCU. What does UCU stand for?
9. Former football coach Barry Bennell was jailed for 31 years after the judge told him: 'You appeared as a god who had it in his gift to help fulfil their ambitions and realise their dreams. In reality, you were the ____ ____.' What are the two missing words?
10. A judge at Birmingham Crown Court described a paedophile as an 'internet highwayman' whose behaviour was 'cunning, persistent, manipulative and cruel’? What was the paedophile's name?
11. Kirsty Sharman, 26, was fined £120 for a public order offence in Stoke. What did she do?
12. The Queen sat in the front row at a London Fashion Week show next to Anna Wintour, who is the US editor of which publication?
13. He was born in North Carolina, had five children, wrote the best seller Just As I Am and his casket will lie in honour at Capitol Rotunda. Who is he?
14. Who became the first Briton to successfully defend a Winter Olympics title?
Billy Morgan won Britain's fifth medal - the highest medal tally in Winter Olympics history. What is his sport?
16. Who won best actress and best actor at the Baftas? Half a point for each.
17. Actress Jennifer Lawrence wrote on Facebook this week ‘this is sexist, this is ridiculous, this is not feminism’ after she was criticised for doing what?
18. Following allegations of inappropriate behaviour, former chief executive of Save the Children Justin Forsyth resigned 'with heavy heart’ from his role as deputy executive director of which organisation?
19. Stormzy won best male solo artist and best album at the Brits. What is the name of the album?

20. A policeman died following clashes at a Europa League football match outside the San Mames Stadium in which city?.
21. The Metroplitan Police said its anti-terror team was investigating after ‘malicious communications’ were intercepted on their way to which couple?

22. Who announced that he was recovering from prostate cancer and that ‘it all seemed to go pretty well’?
23. Which company went into administration, with 300 lost jobs, and blamed the Food Standards Agency?
24. Fairmile Grange care home in Christchurch organised which 'inappropriate' activity for its elderly residents?
25. ‘Meet me at McDonalds’ has been banned from a school in Great Yarmouth. What is it?

Answers here

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Here's the newsquiz ...

Here is this week's newsquiz. Apologies that it is later than usual - I have been in the air for the last 25 hours. Last week's top scorer was Liz Gerard with a strong 21 points, narrowly ahead of Janet Boyle on 20. The Penman Partnership were the top team, also with 20. Here's this week's quiz. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.  

1. What was the full name of the school in Florida where a gunman in a gas mask killed 17 pupils?
2. In a joint Press conference with Theresa May in Munich, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said about Brexit 'I am not frustrated. I am ____  how Great Britain imagines our relationship to be’. What is the missing word?

3. In his speech in central London this week Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Brexit was not 'some great V-sign' from where?
4. Labour MP Heidi Alexander said more than how many people had emailed to demand the party establishes a dedicated Brexit policy commission?
5. Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey called on shadow chancellor John McDonnell to apologise for a 2014 joke suggesting she should be what?
6. How many Russians have been criminally charged for interfering in the 2016 US election to help Donald Trump?
7. Who did James Heap claim to have punched in the face when he was 14?
8. How did brothers Stuart and Jason Hill die?
9. UKIP leader Henry Bolton complained about the scrutiny of his private life saying 'there’s probably been nothing like that since the  ____ ____or Diana and Dodi.’ What are the missing two words?
10. Why was BBC Look North presenter Christa Ackroyd in the headlines?
11. Which former professional footballer’s family issued a statement asking that 'privacy be respected and unwarranted speculation should please cease' following the conviction of ex-coach Barry Bennell?
12. Dom Parsons became the first Briton to win a medal in the South Korea Winter Olympics in an event he turned to as a hangover cure. What is the event?
13. Who split up with her husband, Justin Theroux, after two and a half years of marriage?
14. Cyril Ramaphosa became which country’s new president?
15. Who  passed away 'peacefully in his sleep' at 11.18pm on Tuesday at Fredensborg Palace?
16. Couple Reeta Herzallah and Hamdi Almasri were fined £770 each by Leicester magistrates for trying to hide what?
17. Four West Bromwich Albion footballers apologised for taking what while in Barcelona?
18. Whose restaurants were revealed to have debts of 71.5 million, including owing staff 2.2 million? 
19. Who vowed to remain in office after police recommended he should be indicted after it was alleged he took bribes from Australian billionaire James Packer?
20. Why was London City Airport closed on Sunday and Monday?
21. Students at which university were told to take down a video for their May Ball after dons were concerned it was 'overly sexualised’?
22. Actress Minnie Driver and Bishop Desmond Tutu stepped down from which roles?
23. According to analysts Mintel, a quarter of all men between 16 and 34 bought what fashion item last year, an increase from 16 per cent in 2016? 
24. The Queen has banned what from all royal residences?
25. Southeastern temporarily changed the name of one of its London stations on Tuesday to what?

Answers here

Friday, 16 February 2018

Claudia wins the newsquiz Champagne

Farewell to the Australian trainees. Greta Levy, Nicole Pierre, Claudia Poposki (with the Champagne), Holly Hales, Cait Kelly and Sam Lock
I said goodbye to the Daily Mail Australia trainees today after five weeks of training. We spent the last few days getting them ready for their arrival in the newsroom on Monday. Connie Sideras and Katie Camilleri gave them their rotas, told them who their mentors would be and talked about office practicalities. The trainees also got more stories published. Sam Lock spoke to the couple who have given away 10,000 items of clothing to Sydney's homeless and wrote this piece.

Claudi Poposki spotted it was the tenth anniversary of Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generation and looked at whether indigenous affairs had improved. Her story is here.

Claudia also had a story on whether meal deliveries were worth the money published on Femail. You can read it here. 

Greta Levy told the story of an Aussie adventurer who braved bullets and bombs as he trekked across Afghanistan. Her story is here

Holly Hales also got the banner on Travel with her story about sleeping under the stars in an Indian reservation in Monument Valley. 

We finished with the final newsquiz. Holly and Claudia both scored ten points which meant that Claudia was the overall winner over the five weeks and collected the Champagne. Well done to her. Holly was in second place, a mere 1.5 points behind Claudia. Have a go and see if you can do better.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the trainees. They are a bright, social and lively bunch with great careers ahead. I wish them well.

1. Next week Malcolm Turnbull is in America, Barnaby Joyce is taking leave, so who will be acting Prime Minister?
2. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: 'I do not care whether they are married or single, I don't care. They must not have ____ ____ with their staff, that's it.’ What are the missing two words?
3. What was the name of the P&O cruise ship where a brawl broke out among passengers and forced it to return early from a three-night round trip from Sydney?
4. Australian snowboarder Scotty James revealed he was listening to a song by which band during the run which netted him a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics?
5. All winning athletes at the Winter Olympics are given a token prize before the official medal ceremony. What do they receive?
6. Which former Australian Olympian was accused of being racist when she said of Chinese skiers that ‘they all look the same, they're very hard to tell who's who’?
7. Bikie Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi was shot in the face, outside which gym in Rockdale?
8. A former Hells Angel bikie Benjamin 'Notorious' Geppert, and his heavily-tattooed Instagram star girlfriend were thrown off which island resort following birthday celebrations?
9. What was the full name of the school in Florida where a gunman in a gasmask killed 17 pupils?
10. Who posted a picture of himself and his new wife showing off their wedding rings with the message 'We're the motherf***ing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of love’?
11. Why was 24-year-old Momena Shoma in the headlines?
12. Who tweeted: 'An expert panel is being formed by the city of Sydney to help advise on how best to resuscitate our city's deceased nightlife.  F**k it I'm in !!!'
13. Why were commuters in Sydney hit by extensive delays and train cancellations in Sydney on Tuesday?
14. American Jose Manuel Polanco Jr has been charged with manslaughter of Melbourne man Benjamin Robb after an altercation in a red light district in which country?
15. The family of plumber Ben Jenkins have been asked to leave their home by people in Toodyay who call themselves the town's 'Good and Decent Citizens’. What did Jenkins do?
16. Who passed away 'peacefully in his sleep' at 11.18pm on Tuesday at Fredensborg Palace?
17. Cyril Ramaphosa became which country’s new president?
18. Two Brits joined I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. One won the British version and the other worked for the Royal family. Name either of them.
19. Why was Arthur Kelekolio in the headlines?
20. What will receive a facelift in October with new features including a top-to-bottom clear window, a unique species of native Australian wattle and a black swan?
21. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to remain in office after police recommended he should be indicted after it was alleged he took bribes from which Australian billionaire?
22. Torrential winds tore apart the movie screen at Moonlight Cinemas in Sydney on Wednesday evening, leaving at least one person injured. What film was due to be shown?
23. How did brothers Stuart and Jason Hill die?
24. Davina Rankin was labelled as Married At First Sight's 'villain' bride for initiating a romance with which 
married contestant?
25. Notes were put on a vehicle parked in the Sydney surburb of Mosman that said 'Could you please move this piece of s*** off our road. It's an embarrassment to residents.’ and ‘this vehicle may not be pretty, but what is certainly ugly are the comments attached to it.’ What was the vehicle?

Answers here

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Holly wins this week's Aussie newsquiz

The Daily Mail Australia trainees are coming to the end of their formal training. There is only a week to go before they head into the newsroom and then begin planning for their UK placements. They had sessions this week with Ian Perry on video, lawyer Paul Svilans on defamation, MD Peter Holder and Kimberley Brunt on the Press Council and handling complaints, Cameron Carpenter on social media and a chat with ex-trainees Ollie Gilman and Anneta Konstantinides about the Mail's global scheme. They continued to pitch stories too. Cait Kelly's story about the craze for dog yoga was published on Femail and used prominently on the home page. You can read it here. There are more stories in the pipeline.

On Thursday evening they had drinks at the Slip Inn with some of the senior staff. We finished the week, as always, with the newsquiz. This week's winner was Holly Hales with 13, narrowly ahead of Claudia Poposki on 12.5. The leader board is tight as we enter the final week, with only 1.5 points separating the top two. Here is the quiz. Let me know if you can beat Holly's 13. 

1. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and new partner Vikki Campion announced they are expecting a baby. What are the ages of Joyce and Campion? Half a point for each.
2. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull broke his silence on his deputy's affair describing it as 'a tough and ____ episode'. What is the missing word?
3. Barnaby Joyce's wife of 24 years said she felt 'deceived' by her estranged husband. What is her name?
4. A Crocodile Dundee-inspired TV commercial was shown to 110 million Super Bowl viewers as part of a Tourism Australia campaign targeting American travellers. How much, in Australian dollars, has the campaign cost?
5. Which actor plays the central role in the 
Tourism Australia adverts as Dundee's 'doofus' son returning to the outback to save his dad?
6. What is the name of the 58-year-old circus boss who has been charged with 43 offences including aggravated assault and sexual intercourse with a child?
7. The Bachelorette's Sophie Monk said an ill-fated trip holiday over Christmas made her realise she didn't have a future with Stu Lundy. Which country were they visiting?
8. Sophie Monk told A Current Affair: 'I'd love to (have kids) because I know they'd be so loved. I'd love to be a mum but I'm going to have to ____ ____.’ What are the two missing words?

9. Tobacco tycoon Travers 'Candyman' Beynon drew criticism after sharing photographs of naked women bearing tattoos of his company logo on their backsides. What did the logo say?
10. US television personality Kyle Jenner announced the name of her baby daughter on Instagram. What is the baby’s name?
11. John Mahoney, who died in a Chicago hospital age 77, was famous for playing which TV role from 1993 to 2004?
12. Vigilantes in Cranbourne, south east Melbourne, are arming themselves to protect their properties. What is the name of the group?
13. Tradies grappled with security guards as they stormed a locked building site to recover their tools after which construction firm shut down all work?
14. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau came under fire after he interrupted a woman and corrected her for saying what word?
15. Who confirmed he had quit, on a Facebook post, saying: 'It was an incredible experience but I miss my family and feel like I have accomplished everything I wanted to do.’?
16. How were people injured early on Thursday morning at Dixon's Creek in Victoria's Yarra Valley?
17. Driver Chris Holloway failed a breathtest despite being totally sober. What did he admit to using that may have sent him ten times over the drink-drive limit?
18. Why was 24-year-old Jacob Stanes in the headlines?
19. Labor MP Susan Lamb broke down in tears in Parliament when she explained she could not renounce her British citizenship because her mother abandoned her at the school gates when Ms Lamb was how old?
20. A pregnant woman and her unborn baby have died after being bitten by a snake in a backyard in which town in mid-west Australia?
21. The wife of 64-year-old Robert Doyle talked about her pain when he had to quit his post after being accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour. What was his post?
22. Alex Arnold told how his cellmate walked around half-naked in a towel and how they shared back massages together. What was the name of his cellmate?
23. Sydney’s Inner West Council will formally consider scrapping what when it holds its first meeting of the year next Tuesday?
24. What did Scotty James carry on Friday evening?
25. A Melbourne mother received a ‘reminder’ saying that which item in her child’s lunchbox 'did not comply with the school's nutrition policy’?

Answers here