Newsquiz answers

Friday May 27 newsquiz answers

1. Steve Hilton. Bonus: 333,000. Bonus: Clothing and footwear
2. Cato (the manservant in the Pink Panther series)
3. In France - the Confédération Générale du Travail (General Confederation of Labour) has been organising strikes and protest over the Labour Reform Act 
4. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson. Bonus: Lisa and Phil Vardy (mother and stepfather of Leicester City striker James Vardy)
5. Hiroshima
6. Marks & Spencer. Bonus: Ryanair
7. Central and Victoria lines
8. Chocolate
9. Jose Mourinho (Manchester United have a watch endorsement deal in place with Bulova and Mourinho is an ambassador for Hublot. United have Chevrolet as their shirt sponsor and Mourinho is contracted to use a Jaguar).
10. Paris
11. Barron 
12. Bpop Live, a concert organised by Leave.EU 
13. Peanuts
14. Insect droppings (it has been invaded by an insect called Chironomus Calligraphus)
15. Sheffield. Bonus: Fallujah
16. A tomato
17. Hibernian
18. Double mastectomy 
19. Psychoactive Substances Act
20. A Chewbecca mask 

Friday May 20 newsquiz answers

1. Egyptair. Bonus: 66

2. HMPs Wandsworth, Holme House (County Durham), Kirklevington Grange (North Yorkshire), Coldingley (Surrey), High Down (Surrey) and Ranby (Nottinghamshire).
Bonus: A lift - instead of using the stairs
3. Bayeux Tapestry. Bonus: Lord Heseltine. Bonus: Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Isis)
4. Angus MacNeil and Stewart Hosie
5. They were the names given to the celebrity couple who won the right, at the Supreme Court, for details of their sex life to be kept anonymous
6. A goat
7. The Lion of England
8. The Zika virus
9. 11
10. She was the first girl found in Nigeria, more than two years after she was kidnapped from a school in Chibok by Boko Haram
Tom Hiddleston (she was talking about his chances of becoming the next James Bond)
12. Muirfield
13. His company left a fake device after a training exercise at Manchester United's ground Old Trafford causing the game to be abandoned
14. Sevilla. 
Bonus: Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday
15. Toilets
They advertised for Saturday staff with the following requirements: No drama queens, no drunks, no drug addicts, no emotional wrecks, no mummy’s boys, no scruffs
17. Venezuela
18. Brazilian footballer Neymar
19. Cigarette packets
20. A 14.62 carat diamond known as the Oppenheimer Blue

Friday May 13 newsquiz answers

1. Demented. Bonus: Germany and Poland

2. Proposals to change the BBC including having a government appointed board of directors. Bonus: Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall. Bonus: Funny Girl
3. Newcastle United and Norwich City. Bonus: Everton’s Roberto Martinez. Bonus: An attack on Manchester United’s team bus
4. London's new mayor Sadiq Khan
5. He is Ian Brady's doctor who claims the Moors Murderer has revealed to him where one of his 12-year-old victims is buried
6. TV presenter Andrew Marr
7. They had a baby, Violet May, after losing their children Mo, Evie and Otis when flight MH17 was shot down in the Ukraine in 2014 
8. Grafing station
9. Sadiq Khan, London’s newly-elected mayor
10. The Philippines
11. Balmoral
12. She launched a petition calling for the law on dress code to be changed after she was told to wear high heel shoes while working at finance company PwC
13. You’re Not Alone by Joe and Jake
14. The Chilcot inquiry report into the Iraq war
15. Nigeria and Afghanistan
16. The Trafford Centre, Manchester
17. Kos
18. Orlando, Florida
19. Peggy Mitchell (played by Barbara Windsor) 
20. Mercury passing between the Earth and the sun

Friday May 6 newsquiz answers

1. 5000/1. Bonus: Opera star Andrea Bocelli. Bonus: Mark Selby, from Leicester, won the World Snooker Championship. Bonus: London Mayor hopeful Zac Goldsmith
2. UKIP. Bonus: Nicola Sturgeon on the third successive victory for the SNP
3. Heidi
4. Northumbria
5. Chanel
6. Bradninch
7. Hillary Clinton
8. She is the prostitute who named her British actor client
9. The Philippines
10. Air Galactica
11. Let Our Kids Be Kids
12. Sticking Plaster. Bonus: Hamas and Hezbollah
13. Django Unchained
14. Vogue
15. Mike Ashley, the billionaire founder of Sports Direct
16. Salford City who were promoted to National League North
17. Alison Phillips, editor of NewDay which closed this week
18. Sainsbury’s 
19. Celebrity astrologer Jonathan Cainer who died this week
20. Leaf blowers

Friday April 29 newsquiz answers

1. Unlawful killing. Bonus: David Crompton and Dawn Copley. Bonus: The Times 

2. Retail Acquisitions. Bonus: £400 million
3. Winston Churchill 
4. Minneapolis. Bonus: Prince Rogers Nelson
5. Team GB’s Olympic kit
6. Bradford West. Bonus: Mein Kampf
7. President of the National Union of Students
8. Hi-de-Hi
9. Aleppo
10. The Forth
11. Emma Thompson
12. Technical director for British Cycling
13. Lucifer
14. MPs voting down his amendment to take in 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children
15. Leicester City footballer Riyad Mahrez, who won Player of the Year
16. She had to dump 15 litres of breast milk at airport security
17. Gatwick airport 
18.  Natasha Argent - sister of reality TV star James Argent
19. Snapchat  
20. #EdBallsDay

Friday April 8 newsquiz answers

1. Mossack Fonseca. Bonus: Süddeutsche Zeitung (in Germany). Bonus: Blairmore Holdings Inc. Bonus: £30,000. Bonus: Iceland

2. Printing and distributing a 16-page glossy leaflet outlining the benefits of Britain’s continued EU membership
3. At 55 she became Britain’s oldest mother of triplets
4. Something In The Air (by Thunderclap Newman)
5. England cricketer Ben Stokes after being hit for four sixes in his last over in the T-20 final
6. Michaella McCollum (following her release from a Peruvian jail for drug smuggling)
7. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt
8. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (in a statement saying she was leaving the X Factor)
9. Bonnie Armitage, nine, who was killed while riding with the Cotswold hunt
10. Marks & Spencer. Bonus: The Co-op
11. Juventus
12. He died just before the case was due to go-ahead
13. The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea
14. She was arrested on suspicion of stabbing her husband Rob in the Archers
15. A wooden chair in which she sat while writing Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets
16. Liberty House
17. Actress Anne Hathaway
18. £35.1m 
19. Windsor Castle
20. Watch Glastonbury

Friday April 1 newsquiz answers

1. Mumbai, India. Bonus: Stephen Kinnock. Bonus: Community

2. 1930. Bonus: Crystal Palace and Hearts. Bonus: Light four candles 
3. Lahore 
4. He posed for a photograph with an EgyptAir hijacker
5. London Olympic Aquatic Centre
Magician Dynamo … a mobile phoned trapped in a wine bottle failed to ring
7. Kolkata
8. Terminated a pregnancy (had an abortion)
9. Google
10. 12
11. West Indies
12. Wolf Hall 
13. Pinocchio
14. River Wey in Guildford. Bonus: Oklahoma
15. Gary Neville
16. £7.20
17. Prince William
18. Sainsbury’s 
19. Agony aunt Denise Robertson who died this week
20. Afia (which means 'Friday born child' in Ghanaian)

Friday March 25 newsquiz answers

1. Maelbeek. Bonus: Papa Noel. Bonus: Tihange nuclear station

Bonus: David Dixon
2. Muslim - a reference to presenter Mishal Husain
3. He was charged with social-media race hate charges after sending a tweet saying he had confronted a Muslim woman over the Belgian terror attacks. The charges were later dropped.
4. 88. Bonus: The Rolling Stones
5. Dead fish (to support the Fishlove campaign)
6. 12. Bonus: £50,000
7. For suggesting that the £200m polar research boat should be called Boaty McBoatface
8. Twitter
9. Women’s tennis. He was the CEO and director of the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament
10. Child marriages
11. South Africa
12. Stephen Crabb
13. The Queen
14. Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher (referring to singer Eddie Fisher)
15. Sports Direct
16. Fifty Shades of Grey
17. 14 (Cruyff's shirt number)
18. Mail on Sunday
19. Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland
20. A large ancient stone in France

Friday March 18 newsquiz answers

1. £520m. Bonus: Annual ISA limit 

2. Boris Johnson, after the US president had urged Britain to stay in the EU
3. Looking in the mirror. Bonus: Chris Evans for the Top Gear Cenotaph stunt. Bonus: Gipsy Boy
4. Lady Penelope (Thunderbirds)
5. By a bomb that killed 37 people in Ankara, Turkey
6. Sitting on the left
7.  Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011
8. AFD (Alternative Fuer Deutchland/Alternative for Germany 
9. Beating his wife
10. Four
11. Florida and Ohio
12. Ruby Walsh. Bonus: Northampton Town and MK Dons
13. Hotel du Lac
14. It ‘could not move freely’. (It had a sloping back and was said to be deformed). Bonus: West Highland Terrier (Westie)
15. Chris Gayle (West Indies)
16. Prince Andrew (Duke of York)
17. Paul Daniels’s son Gary 
18. Admiral
19. Nefertiti (in Luxor, Egypt)
20. Manchester

Friday March 11 newsquiz answers

1. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. Bonus: Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

2. Courchevel. Bonus: The Press Association
3. To relax Sunday shopping laws
4. Meldonium
5. Victoria Derbyshire
6. Moonpig
7. Nancy Reagan 
8. Zaman. Bonus: United Nations. Bonus: The Atlantic 
9. Sunderland FC chief executive Margaret Byrne who resigned over the Adam Johnson affair
10. Thank you. Bonus: Forensic
11. Ellie Goulding
12. £30 
13. The at symbol - @. He was the man who invented email.
14. George Martin, producer of the Beatles, who died aged 90 this week
15. For blogging about a Muslim surgeon who refused to remove her hijab ahead of an operation 
16. Michigan
17. Trunki (owned by Magmatic - which sells children's ride-on cases decorated to look like animals or insects)
18. 2,400 jobs 
19. On Amazon
20. A baby girl

Friday March 4 news quiz answers

1. Vladimir Putin. Bonus: No Borders 

2. Boston Globe. Bonus: Chris Rock. Bonus: That he was the first openly gay man to win an Oscar. Bonus: Cool Hand Luke
3. Seven. Bonus: Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas (Ted Cruz) and Minnesota (Marco Rubio)
4. 50p
5. Wincanton
6. Berlin
7. Sinn Féin
8. 92nd
9. Barclays
10. 24
11. One of its driverless cars hit a bus
12. Murdering 29 people in Omagh in 1988 (Omagh bomb)
13. Morrisons
14. Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce, talking about Adam Johnson
15. Space - they came back to earth after 340 days on the International Space Station
16. She was the nanny who beheaded a four-year-old child in Moscow
17. Tackling in rugby matches
18. 18 years
20. We Didn’t Start The Fire, by Billy Joel

Friday February 26 news quiz answers

1. Voting in the General Election. Bonus: Michael Howard. Bonus: Whitbread

2. Global Success
3. Paul Daniels, who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour
4. Super Tuesday. Bonus: Marco Rubio
5. Jacob Rees-Mogg
6. Eighteen-year-old Marcus Rashford scoring twice on his debut for Manchester United against FC Midtjylland
7. Kalamazoo 
8. Matthew Perry (he was preparing for a play in London)
9. To open the new Elizabeth Line - which will be purple on the Tube map
10. Stacey Flounders. Bonus: £60,000
11. She went missing and was then found in Thailand
12. £4.2 million. Bonus: The National Railway Museum in York 
13. Didcot A power station, which collapsed this week
14. 55
15. Run over and kill a stray foxhound
16. They had the decorators in (so didn’t want people coming round to their house)
17. Cleansed
18. 73
19. Gorilla
20. Benidorm, where she performed an x-rated magic show

Friday February 19 newsquiz answers

1. 5am. Bonus: Czech Republic
2. Donald Trump, reacting to criticism from The Pope
3. Ben Nevis
4. America
5. Warrington. Bonus: Wings and Waterslides
6. She is a junior doctor who is missing from a Torbay Hospital who left a note mentioning health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
7. Rochdale
8. £10,000
9. Cilla Black
10. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
11. A laser blinded one of the pilots
12. 89
13. Heroes. Bonus: Duncan (Zowie Haywood) Jones. Bonus: Chris Martin’s (Coldplay). Bonus: Mad Max: Fury Road
14. They have all been dropped by Nike
15. Vellum (calf skin)
16. First class 64p, second class 55p
17. Libya
18. The Falkland Islands
19. Cake-filled
20. Hairy panic 

Friday February 12 newsquiz answers

1. Le Touquet. Bonus: Pegida (accept Fortess Europe coalition)

2. 11.5 per cent. Bonus: Canada
3. They were the two men who were killed in the Dublin gangland shootings
4. Tumble dryers
5. For blowing up a bus on Lambeth Bridge in London
6. George Galloway
7. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who won with 60.4 per cent of the vote. Bonus: Third
8. Six 
9. Deepcut
10. Formation
11. 77th minute. Bonus: Jamie Carragher
12. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt (referring to  the morale of junior doctors)
13. BBC presenter Alex Jones. Bonus: Scalpel
14. Downton Abbey 
15. A broken leg
16. Mary
17. Eagles
18. Hong Kong
19. Save stranded bird (gannets)
20. Judy Murray (after the birth of her Andy Murray and Kim Sears’s daughter)

Friday February 5 news quiz answers

1. Donald Tusk. Bonus: Negotiator
2. Limerick. Bonus: Terry’s Old Geezers and Gals. Bonus: Chris Evans
3. He was a helicopter pilot shot by poachers in Tanzania 
4. The condition of Michael Schumacher who is receiving treatment for head injuries caused in ski accident
5. £7billion ($10billion)
6. Actor Frank Finlay
7. Tea and coffee
8. Dislocating her shoulder on Channel 4’s The Jump
9. By the toss of a coin. Bonus: Telling Donald Trump not to use their music
10. Co-presenting Top Gear 
11. Blood donations
12. Legless
13. Thailand
14. Gary Neville after Valencia’s 7-0 defeat to Barcelona. Bonus: Manchester City. Pep Guardiola is to replace Manuel Pellegrini as manager at the end of the season
15. Sandra Rivett
16. Google (Alphabet)
17. Six years
18. Junior doctors (in a bid to avert the strike)
19. They beat 600,000  other code-breakers to crack GCHQ's Christmas card 'impossible puzzle'.
20. Its spelling. There is a proposal to change 2,400 French words including changing oignon to ognon.

Friday January 29 newsquiz answers

1. A bunch of migrants. Bonus: Dunkirk (Grande-Synthe)

2. The Hague
3. She was stabbed to death while looking after child refugees in Molndal, Sweden
4. 2002 
5. Slide one ski in front of the other 
6. Storm Jonas
7. Liverpool and Manchester City. Bonus: Longford AFC

8. 84. Bonus: Disgraced
9. Doris
10. Three whales that were washed up on Skegness beach
11. A pornographic video was accidentally played during the service
12. Black (singer who had a hit with Wonderful Life) 
13. Tesco. Bonus: £130million
14. Zika
15. They were covered up for the visit of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani
16. Wearing pyjamas, nighties and slippers on the school run
17. £33million lottery winnings after claiming she put her ticket in a washing machine
18. Kit
19. Catherine Zeta-Jones in Dad’s Army. Bonus: Michael Jackson
20: Berlin

Those who died in 2015 answers

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Friday January 22 newsquiz answers

1. The Dublin Regulation. Bonus: Prime Minister of Holland. Bonus: (Civilised) Flirting. Bonus: The Jungle
2. Davos (Switzerland)
3. The teapot that Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko used in a London hotel (a becquerel is a unit of radioactivity)

4. Places where job losses were announced by Tata Steel
5. Bacha Khan. Bonus: Tajikistan
6. They were charged with the murder of businesswoman Sadie Hartley
7. It is the district of Middlesbrough where refugees are living in houses with red doors
8. The BBC - referring to the Jimmy Savile scandal
9. His Millennium Falcon
10. American singer Don McLean 
11. 'Terrorist house’ instead of 'terraced house'.
12. She sold up and travelled the world after being jilted before her wedding
13. Five
14. Transgender pupils 
15. Oven gloves
16. Scurvy 
17. Billy Connolly. Bonus: Ant McPartlin
18. Poppers (alkyl nitrite or amyl nitrite)
19. Worcester 
20. Glenn Frey (Eagles guitarist)

Friday January 15 news quiz answers

1. Backstar. Bonus: Howard Donald (Take That)
2. We are not afraid. Bonus: Joko Widodo. Bonus: Ten
3. Tim Kopra. Bonus: The Union Jack
4. Rennes
5. Canada
6. Alan Rickman, who died age 69
7. Four. Bonus: Genette Tate
8. 84 and 59
9. Celine Dion
10. Jeb Bush
11. Her divorce from Gary Lineker was announced
12. Huffington Post (UK)
13. Les Deux Alpes
14. £33 million
15. Somalia
16. Birthday cake
17. Hot water with a slice of lemon
18. Labour peer Lord (Greville) Janner
19. Basil
20. Charlotte Rampling

Friday January 8 newsquiz answers

1. 47. Bonus: Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. Bonus: Bouncy castles

2. Cocktail. Bonus: Circuit-breaker
3. Kevan Jones, Jonathan Reynolds and Stephen Doughty. Bonus: Culture (and Media and Sport). 
4. Frankie Pierre
5. How many sugar cubes are in each product
6. 10,000 characters
7. He asked a TV interviewer out for a drink 
8. He was given asylum after walking the 31 miles through the Channel tunnel
9. Crossing a giant puddle
10. Six or 
11. The Big Brother House (he is on Celebrity Big Brother)
12. South Africa cricket captain (immediately after his side drew the second Test against England)
14. Scoring more than 1,000 runs in a single cricket innings 
15. Next Tuesday (January 12)  
16. Chief executive of Marks & Spencer
17. Sandringham
18. Sharon Osbourne
19. Cologne. Bonus: Dusseldorf is Watching
20. He ate an entire water melon (rind and all) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground 'Big Bash derby’

Saturday January 2 newsquiz answers

1. A bus. Bonus: Tadcaster
2. Ian (Fraser) Kilmister. Bonus: Stoke-on-Trent. Bonus: The Specials
3. The 7/7 London bombings 
4. He carried his disabled mother down 15 flights of stairs at the burning Address hotel in Dubai
5. Alcohol
6. Tel Aviv
7. Unforgettable
8. Valence. Bonus: Munich
9. Ramadi
10. He was charged with shooting his dementia-stricken wife Rita in an Essex care home
11. Newcastle United. They were asked to sing 'Pavel is a Geordie'. Srniceck died of a heart attack age 47
12. The 1985 Broadwater Farm riot 
13. Brussels
14. Virgin Australia
15. Labour MP Simon Danczuk after bombarding a 17-year-old girl with sexual text messages
16. Ann Summers. Bonus: England women's football team coming third at the World Cup in Canada
17. Turkey
18. On £2 coins
19. Apple
20. Riding a hoverboard during a mass (and attempting 'to get the attention of the people in a personal manner')

Friday December 18 newsquiz answers

1. Kazakhstan. Bonus: Major
2. Nurofen
3. Hoverboards
4. He fell off a hoverboard in London and was killed after being hit by a bus
5. (Kemal) Ataturk. Bonus: 34
6. Four
7. The Great British Bake Off final
8. Nelson’s Column. Bonus: Gary. Bonus: While reading the weather forecast on Channel 5. She dropped in lines such as 'the Force is strong for northern Scotland’, 'tonight the weather strikes back’, ‘if you Luke father west' and a 'Leia of cloud covering the UK'
9. A teenager punched him
10. A Sahara dust cloud (sand)
11. Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery (after the death of her fiancé John Dineen) 
12. Donald Trump
13. Russia and Slovakia
14. Stuart Hall
15. Kidney
16. Kellingley
17. Rooftop solar panels
18. Npower 
19. None
20. For saying winner Louisa Johnston was was the only contestant besides Leona Lewis to make such a great impression on the public  (ignoring previous winner Murs who was standing next to her). Bonus: Bob Dylan

Saturday November 21 news quiz answers

1. Boko Haram
2. Radisson Blu
3. Diesel
4. Saint-Denis
5. Run Hide and Tell
6. Jihadi John
7. Pope Francis
8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
9. Mark Clarke
10. The death of former teammate Phillip Hughes 
11. Brothel owner Cynthia Payne (Madam Cyn) who died aged 82 this week
12. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
13. Katy Perry
14. Till Death Us Do Part
15. Dulwich
16. Perth (Cottesloe beach)
17. 55
18. Music
19. Jonah Lomu
Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews
21. She claimed to have regular unprotected sex with Charlie Sheen, even though she knew he was HIV positive
22. Her white cane (she is blind)
23. Cold Feet 
24. Political Animal Lobby (PAL)
25. Warren Beatty 

Friday November 13 news quiz answers

1. World Anti-Doping Agency. Bonus: Lamine Diack. Bonus: Fourth
2. Storm Abigail
3. She died at Dignitas, Switzerland, after her daughters organised a fundraiser
4. The National League for Democracy (NLD)
5. Ripon, North Yorkshire. Bonus: The National Anthem (God Save The Queen). Bonus: The ‘poppy hijab’
6. Former Chelsea FC doctor Eva Carneiro
7. Apple
8. Shauna Hoare. Bonus: Bristol Crown Court
9. Pat Eddery who died aged 63 this week  
10. So that they could get a pass into the CBI conference and heckle David Cameron over Europe
11. Menthol cigarettes (supposedly anticipating an EU ban on flavoured cigarettes)
12. Former Prime Minister John Major in a London lecture which attacked George Osborne’s position on tax credits
13. Penn
14. Oxfordshire County Council
15. Black Friday 2015
16. England Rugby Union team head coach
17. CBE
18. Brighton
19. Rolls-Royce
20. People who allow their dogs to make a mess in public places under the cover of darkness

Friday November 6 newsquiz answers

1. 9286. Bonus: 224. Bonus: Checked (hold) baggage

2. Million Mask March. Bonus: A pig’s head
3. £12.50 per person if booked 24 hours in advance
4. Two (there are seven men). Bonus: Architect Elisabeth Scott and mathematician Ada Lovelace.
5. She is recovering from 'incurable' leukaemia after doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital gave her treatment that had been tested only on mice
6. Seattle
7. 0.5 percent
8. Reddit
9. Zafira B
10. Age UK. Bonus: Noel Gallagher (Oasis) 
11. Eva Carneiro (former club doctor at Chelsea who is suing Jose Mourinho)
12. France
13. Maghaberry
14. He tried to smuggle a four-year-old Afghan girl into Britain
15. Bedfordshire
16. Real Madrid
17. DJ Neil Fox
18. Tom Graveney who died this week, aged 88
19. Food beyond its 'best before' date
20. The 'favourite' star icon to a heart and calling it 'like'

Friday October 30 newsquiz answers

1. £4.4billion. Bonus: 307 to 277. Bonus: Lord (Andrew) Lloyd Webber  

2. 50g. Bonus: Human DNA
3. Long Road To Hell: America In Iraq (accept Long Road to Hell)
4. Leviathan II
5. Royal Albert Hall. Bonus: Jenny Packham
6. Roar and Firework
7. The Bodyguard 
8. Derek Wilton 
9. Lady Kitty Spencer 
10. Juan Manuel Fangio (Arg), 5; Alain Prost (Fra) and Sebastian Vettel (Ger), 4. Bonus: A cap
11. She is a 26-year-old transgender woman who was sent to an all-male prison in Bristol for assault
12. M&S and British Gas
13. Apple 
14. A modern gentleman
15. Hindu Kush
16. Cults Academy, Aberdeen
17. 29
18. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts 1 & 11)
19. Phil Collins
20. Use motorways

Friday October 23 newsquiz answers

1. The Plough Inn in Cadsden. Bonus: Nancy
2. Oldham West and Royton
3. Oxford. Bonus: Canadian
4. Lisbon and Dublin. Bonus: 80
5. Ataturk, Instanbul (half point for each)
6. He was the South African rugby referee who sprinted off the pitch after making controversial decisions in the Scotland v Australia World Cup quarter-final
7. York
8. Neville Chamberlain
9. Kevin Brennan
10. A white Christmas somewhere in the UK
11. £5.1bn. Bonus: Jamie Oliver
12. He is suing a Chinese toymaker which has produced a Nazi doll,  Bastian, that looks like him
13. St George, Ontario
14. Wentworth
15. Manchester Stock Exchange. Bonus: Angels
16. Trollhättan
17. Talk Talk
18. They are things predicted to have happened by October 21 2015 in the movie Back To The Future … that didn’t.
19. Akrotiri

20. 51

Friday October 16 newsquiz answers

1. 320. Bonus: £4,327. Bonus: 1.77 million
2. Seek larger divorce settlements
3. The Care Quality Commission
4. Sandi Toksvig
5. Royal Free (in London)
6. Dridex
7. Sevenoaks, Kent 
8. Touch rugby/street rugby in Tokyo
9. Claude Littner
10. Worst bowling figures for a Test debutant, 0-for 163. Bonus: Scotland
11. Hugh Scully and Gordon Honeycombe
12. In a Las Vegas brothel
13. She tweeted about Jeremy Hunt's Chinese wife 
14. £12.6m 
15. Bewick 
16. Buk 
17. This year's Man Booker prize? 
18. The Islam Tea House. Bonus: Rage. Bonus: Cup of tea
19. Hamble
20. The world's biggest Charleston

Saturday October 10 newsquiz answers

1. Life expectancy in London. Bonus: Crusties with nose rings. Bonus: Justice Secretary. Bonus: Albert Einstein
2. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police commissioner. Bonus: West Bromwich East
3. 32 minutes (half mark for 30 minutes)
4. 250 full-time employees. Bonus: VAT
5. He drove a bus that crashed into Sainsbury’s in Coventry, killing two people
6. Phoenix to Boston
7. 13.4 million (average). 14.5 million (peak). Accept either 
8. Sacramento
9. Indecent assault. He is the former Bishop of Gloucester who groomed young priests
10. Sisters Uncut
11. Stoke City
12. She was the babysitter who was spared jail after being found guilty of having sex with an 11-year-old boy
13. Kings Canyon (also accept Kestrel Falls)
14. Jurgen Klopp, on taking over as the new manager of Liverpool FC 
15. Frimley Park
16. Great Heck
17. Aston Martin
18. Denis Healey, who died this week. 
19. La Brague
20. Shag a Ginger

Friday October 2 newsquiz answers

1. Richard Heller. Bonus: GMB (General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union). Bonus: Move to China
2. 150,000. Bonus: Sally-Anne Jones (Umm Hussain Britaniya or Mrs Terror)
3. Redcar
4. 1.2 million  (1,189,906)
5. She was jailed for life by Norwich Crown court for running an 'utterly depraved' sex abuse ring
6. Cereal Killer Cafe
7. Conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Bonus: Political editor
8. Sombrero
9. Four youngsters were killed when a quad bike and sports car crashed
10. Blindness
11. Margate
12. Peppa Pig
13. Uruguay. Bonus: Borussia Monchengladbach and Wolfsburg
14. Pupils have to run or walk a mile a day
15. La Fontana delle Naiadi
16. Cathriona White (girlfriend of Jim Carrey)
17. The most deprived English neighbourhood
18. Umpqua Community College
19. Ronnie Pickering
20. His body was found strapped to a shopping trolley in the Regent's Canal

Friday September 25 quiz answers

1. Call me Dave. Bonus: Isabel Oakeshott. Bonus: Piers Gaveston Society Bonus: Glee Club

2. Alex Ferguson
3. The devil. Bonus: Iran
4. World In Union. Bonus: South Africa 32 Japan 34
5. 84
6. 20
7. Martin Winterkorn, as CEO of Volkswagen following the diesel emissions scandal
8. Bay City Rollers
9. Somerset
10. £18,000
11. Bob Geldof
12. Game of Thrones
13. New Democracy
14. Novelist Jackie Collins, who died this week
15. Paint a kitchen wall
16. Watermelon
17. The world's longest glass-bottomed suspension bridge
18. Drying her travel top
19. They were quizzed by police following the death of a burglar at their £1.5million family home on the Algarve in Portugal
20. For setting off sirens at a primary school to resolve an ‘important' debate about whether they go nee-nah or woo-woo

Friday September 18 quiz answers

1. Hilary Benn. Bonus: He said he would like to go back to the 80s and assassinate Margaret Thatcher. Bonus: Brighton. Bonus: Manhole covers
2. Ice (for their water jugs)
3. Anna Freud Centre in North London
4. Mexico. Bonus: Queen Rania of Jordan
5. 20. Bonus: Macarena
6. The BBC wrongly accused him of sleeping during a Commons debate
7. Photograph 51
8. BBC's Bargain Hunt?
9. Arnold Schwarzenegger
10. Kings Cross, London
11. First Direct
12. Pylons
13. Brown Panther
14. Malcolm Turnbull
15. They were convicted of outraging public decency by performing sex acts on a train
16. They are the family who have been told to demolish a Wendy house in their front garden
17. It served liquid nitrogen in a cocktail to an 18-year-old who had to have her stomach removed
18. Irwell
19. Chile
20. Vladimir Putin (and his press secretary Dmitry Peskov) in a hoax call to Elton John.

Friday September 11 quiz answers

1. Chris Henkey. Bonus: Pub landlord
2. LinkedIn. Bonus: Mr Carter-Silk is 57, Miss Proudman is 27
3. 63 years and 217 days (23,226 days, 16 hours and approximately 30 minutes). Bonus: Edinburgh to Tweedbank. 
4. Morning Star
5. Denmark. Bonus: Ikea
6. Homo naledi
7. University College London. Bonus: 80 per cent 
8. A Buried Alive stunt nearly cost the escapologist his life
9. Reapers (MQ-9 Predator B)
10. Writing’s on the Wall. Bonus: 20 
11. £22 million
12. Khat
13. A stylus/pencil
14. Thynn
15. Harry Kane
16. She was a Hungarian TV camera woman who was filmed kicking and tripping over fleeing migrants
17. Arlene Foster
18. They are among 26 politicians named by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority for not paying back outstanding expenses of up to £500 last year - forcing them to be written off
19. Wales
20. He shot a brown bear

Friday September 4 quiz answers

1. Galip. Bonus: Kobane. Bonus: Bob Geldof. Bonus: Luxembourg

2. Faslane
3. Caroline Flint, Ben Bradshaw, Tom Watson, Anna Eagle and Stella Creasy
4. She refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples
5. A 23-year-old woman found a hidden camera in the shower
6. They are the Vice News Journalist who were arrested in Turkey on terror charges.
7. The Naked Rambler
8. Clover. Bonus: His bees
9. President Obama on a trip to Northern Alaska with Bear Grylls
10. A lost Nazi gold train in Poland
11. McBusted’s Tom Fletcher - to announce that his wife Giovanna is expecting their second child
12. He was tricked out of £35,000 by scam firms after the charities he supported passed on his details
13. Monaco. Bonus: 48
14. Actress Tori Spelling
15. Net-a-Porter
16. He died after being stung to death by hundreds of wasps
17. Katie Derham
18. Beaulieu
19. Sunderland
20. Wildest Dreams

Friday August 28 quiz answers

1. Hawker Hunter. Bonus: Andy Hill. Bonus: Worthing United FC

2. Amsterdam. BonusLegion d’Honneur. BonusArras. BonusThe Schengen Agreement
3. Alison Parker
4. Former MP Harvey Proctor
5Smoke with a passenger who is under 18
6. Queen Victoria
7. Greg Rutherford (Men's long jump), Jessica Ennis-Hill (Heptathlon), Mo Farah (Men's 10,000m) 
8. He was released after being held hostage in Yemen for six years
9. Outgoing Fifa President Sepp Blatter
10. He was hit by debris at an Indy Car race in Pennsylvania
11. Manspreading
12. The Celebrity Big Brother House
13. Katrina
14. Yuan
15. It's Hans free
16. People who were born abroad
17. David and Samantha Cameron
18. Pull his hair (to prove it was real)
19. Facebook
20. Sunderland footballer Jermain Defoe

Friday August 21 quiz answers

1. Faithful One. Bonus: St Mary’s Church, Woolton
2. The Impact Team. Bonus: Michelle Thomson. Bonus: A Twitter account named @DadSecurity 
3. Erawan Shrine
4. An ice cream seller
5. Avon and Somerset
6. Dismaland
7. September 12
8. Darwinism. Bonus: CEO Jeff Bezos (
9. Storm Flower Noir
10. Gene Simmons, frontman of Kiss
11. Poland
12. Four years
13. The 23-year-old rugby player died a month after being tackled during a match
14. Seb Coe  
15. Paprika Pringles
16. Dorret Conway
17. Answer certain questions in court.  He was the driver of the bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow
18. Phil Neville
19. Ultimo. Bonus: 43
20. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep

Friday August 14 quiz answers

1. Yvette Cooper

2. Tianjin
3. They have all signed up as contestants on Strictly Come Dancing
4. Former boxer 
Chris Eubank

5. Chelsea first team doctor Eva Carneiro
6. Ecuador's decision to 'harbour' Julian Assange in its London embassy
7. Liver. Bonus: 90
8. The New Clarkson, Hammond and May Car Show
9. He drowned in a kayaking accident on the Hudson, New York (the boyfriend of Annie Lennox’s daughter) 
10. Lettuce
11. Alphabet
12. David Beckham
13. Bedfordshire
Blakey in On The Buses
15. Moustaches, hessian
16. Zimbabwe
17. The Co-operative Bank
18. Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins
19. Magaluf. Bonus: 
West Midlands
20. He starred in the film The Artist
21. Oscar Pistorius 
22. Havana
23. Miley Cyrus

Friday August 7 quiz answers

1. Myra (Ling-Ling) Forde. Bonus: Salisbury

2. Estepona. Bonus: 72
3. 14. Bonus: London Inter Bank Offered Rate

4. An Instagram account showing his migration from Senegal to Spain was revealed to be fake (a campaign to promote a photography festival).
5. Brighton
6. Hamlet
7. Mustique. Bonus: Professional Association of Diving Instructors 
8. 14. Bonus: All 8.
9. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
10. Miss Piggy (who announced her split with Kermit the Frog)
11. Vietnam
12. Chili peppers
13. Cheshire
14. Debris found on Reunion island believed to be from missing airliner MH370 
15. Enola Gay
16. She ended her life at a Swiss suicide clinic, even though she had no serious health problems, because she did not want to end up as a 'hobbling old lady’.
17. Zayn Malik of One Direction
18. A Greek island (said to be worth €50m)
19. 4,000 Syrian refugees.
20. Actor George Cole (most famous as Arthur Daley in Minder) who died this week aged 90.

Friday July 31 quiz answers

1. Swarm. Bonus: Nine. Bonus: M20

2. The Sun on Sunday. Bonus: Orange
3. Win the Tour de France twice
4. Turkey. Bonus: 2013
5. Prostate cancer
6. Walter Palmer. Bonus: Zimbabwe
7. Sainsbury’s
8. Unison
9. To mark the death of ‘the voice of racing’ Sir Peter O’Sullevan
10. Ricin 
11. Burglary
12. Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney Huston’s daughter)
13. Réunion (in the Indian Ocean)
14. Stuart Baggs
15. Six
16. Jack the Ripper
17. India
18. Centrica (owners of British Gas)
19. Amazon
20. Radhiohead

Friday July 24 quiz answers

1. Liz Kendall. Bonus: A transplant.  Bonus: Taken recreational drugs

2. River Nile 
3. Hong Kong International Airport
4. She is the new political editor at the BBC, replacing Nick Robinson
5. Anaconda. Bonus: Beyonce, Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar 
6. South African Louis Oosthuizen and Australian Marc Leishman. Bonus: 15
7. Zurich
8. Doing a bungee jump 
9. Turkey 
10. Donald Trump
11. Nice. Bonus: 17
12. IKEA
13. Manchester (Royal Eye Hospital)
14. Toshiba
15. The Koran
16. The Financial Times newspaper group
17. JK Rowling
18. A Down’s syndrome boy in a washing machine
19. Earth 2.0
20. Life is short. Have an affair

Friday July 17 quiz answers

1. Relaxing the fox hunting ban
2. €7bn. Bonus: 38
3. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (who is reviewing doctors’ contracts so that they work at weekends)
4. For charging his iPhone using an electric socket on a train
5. 81p
6. The Queen’s corgis (she isn’t going to breed any more as she does not want to leave any behind)
7. Six. Bonus: Night Fever by the Bee Gees
8. Belfast
9. She wasn’t wearing a bra
10.Vienna. Bonus: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 
11. Nick Cave
12. New Horizons. Bonus: Dwarf
13. Smuggling dogs into Australia (she is Johnny Depp’s wife)
14. Harper Lee’s novel Go Set A Watchman
15. He is the Mexican drugs cartel boss who escaped using a tunnel under prison showers
16. Deirdre Barlow’s (Coronation Street)
17. Archbishop Desmond Tutu
18. BBC
19. Lord’s. Bonus: St Andrews 
20. An inflatable shark

Friday July 10 quiz answers

1. £7.20 (£9 by the end of next parliament). Bonus: Iain Duncan Smith. Bonus: Defence. Bonus: The inheritance tax threshold (IHT)

2. Carli Lloyd. Bonus: 1-0 to England
3. Greek Finance Minister. Bonus: Oxi
4. Presenting Radio 4’s Today programme
5. Tom Selleck
6. Sandringham 
7. Police were chasing immigrants who had jumped from a lorry
8. The Tour de France - after a crash involving more than 20 riders
9. Brighton
10. Some of us
11. Richard Gasquet (France)
12. Jersey
13. A leprechaun
14. 75
15. Rochdale
16. Go to university
17. 134
18. The number of Boris’s Bikes that were hired
19. Because of the death of Simon Cowell’s mother
20. Damon Albarn (Blur)

Friday July 3 quiz answers

1. Imperial Marhaba. Bonus: Luton

2. Harmondsworth, Longford and Sipson. Bonus: Boris Johnson
3. Majorca
4. Alton Towers

5. 102. Bonus: Showed a black bar strap. Bonus: Andy Murray’s wristband
6. 36.7C (98F) 
7. BP - for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010 
8. Singer Val Doonican 
9. €60. Bonus: Sunday
10. Kauto Star
11. She scored the own goal that put England’s women football team out of the World Cup
12. 61. The 'leap second’ was added to the official time set by atomic clocks 
13. William Tell (Guillaume Tell) 
14. Primark (and Penneys)
15. BBC
16. Sesame Street 
17. Prague
18. Skirts
19. Operation Strong Tower
20. A ‘vicious’ fox

Friday June 26 quiz answers

1. Myferrylink. Bonus: Uber. Bonus: Singer Courtney Love
2.  A painting depicting her as a child on a blue horse
3. Confederate flag merchandise 
4. Afghanistan
5. Three. Bonus: Serena Williams
6. 1989
7. He was filmed snorting cocaine
8. Skinny jeans
9. Devil's Helmet (Aconitum - also known as Monkshood)
10. Sir Chris Woodhead, the former head of Ofsted, who died aged 68
11. A cat
12. He was in court for beheading 82-year-old Palmira Silva
13. My Heart Will Go On. Bonus: The Avengers
14. Kingsley
15. Eight
16. Auschwitz
17. Tom Bradby
18. They are among 500 words which have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Bonus: First Lady Of The United States
19. A Rhea
20. Glastonbury festival

Friday June 19 quiz answers

1. By a suicide bomb … he was the teenager from Dewsbury involved in car bombings near Baiji, north of Baghdad. Bonus: Thomas Evans. Bonus: Bradford

2. Protaras
3. Nuneaton, a marginal seat Labour failed to win at the election.
Bonus: Changing the party rules in order to make it easer for MPs to get rid of a failing leader
4. Brother
5. Tbilisi, Georgia
6. Jack Wilshere. Bonus: Six 
7. Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw
8. Players Rory Burns and Moises Henriques collided on the field while trying to take a catch and were taken to hospital
9. They were all killed off in the final episode in series 5 of Game of Thrones
10. Ten (from 49 to 59)
11. The New York Times - which said students travelling to Berkeley on J-1 visas, like those that died in the collapse, were 'not just a source of aspiration, but also a source of embarrassment for Ireland'
12. 0.1 per - up from -0.1% in April
13. 100g of chocolate
14. He is Mo Farah’s coach and is facing doping allegations
15. Through clues in The Times cryptic crossword on Tuesday (he arranged for puzzle editor Richard Rogan to place the message in the clues)
16. Charleston. Bonus: Dylann Storm Roof
17. They are the five favourites to take over as Chris Evans’s co-presenters on Top Gear, according to bookmakers William Hill
18. She faced criticism for portraying herself as black, even though she was born white
19. €1.6bn (£1.1bn) 
20. Florence + the Machine 

Friday June 12 quiz answers

1. The European Union Referendum Bill. Bonus: Gloating. Bonus: Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

2. She is facing jail in Malaysia for stripping on the ‘sacred' mountain Kinabula
3. Royal Bank of Scotland 

4. Barn owl
5. James Last, who died this week aged 86 
6. Twitter
7. Lance Armstrong 
8. Six months. Bonus: Jose Mourinho
9. HSBC. Bonus: Boots
10. Snoop Dogg
11. West Ham United and Newcastle United
12. Christopher Lee, who died this week aged 93
13. The most time in space on a single mission by a female astronaut (200 days)
14. The National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire
15. Sky TV presenter Kay Burley’s interview with Nick Varney, the chief executive of the company which owns Alton Towers 
16. Dixons Kings Academy
17. 408. Bonus: Matt Prior, who was forced to retire from all forms of cricket this week
18. David Miliband
19. The four-fingered KitKat
20. One Direction

Friday June 5 quiz answers

1. 1998 (France) and 2010 (South Africa). Bonus: Thierry Henry’s infamous handball which saw France progress to the 2010 World Cup and Ireland knocked out

2. The Smiler
3. Chase
4. She wrongly tweeted that the Queen had died.
5. Accra (Ghana)
6. It would have caused too much paperwork. Bonus: Solihull
7. Call me Caitlyn - over a picture of the newly transformed Bruce Jenner
8. Southampton
9. Japan

10. Ross, Skye and Lochaber. Bonus: 1999
11. Royal Mail. Bonus: Urban seagulls
12. Pont des Arts
13. Complete a full marathon (the Rock n Roll Marathon In San Diego with a time of 7:24:36)
14. She was killed by a lioness that jumped through a car window in a South African safari park
15. Rafael Nadal
16. Skull and scalp
17. Labour leader contestant and shadow health secretary Andy Burnham
18. Yangtze  
19. Edinburgh. Bonus: Scottish MSP Tommy Sheridan
20. Abby Clancy and Peter Crouch

Friday May 29 quiz answers

1. Loretta Lynch. Bonus: Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner. Bonus: Visa  
2. 2017. Bonus: £23,000. Bonus: Applaud (when Westminster leader Angus Robertson delivered his response to the Queen’s Speech)
3. He took his family to Switzerland before killing himself by assisted suicide at Dignitas
4. Didcot
5. Delia Smith (to celebrate Norwich City's promotion to the Premier League)
6. Watched television
7. United Cabbies Group
8. Punting on the River Cam in Cambridge (and meeting Stephen Hawking)
9. Give birth to quads
10. Mersey (the flag ships of the Cunard Line to mark its 175th anniversary)
11. Fat
12. Taylor Swift (25) who was number 65. Bonus: German Chancellor Angela Merkel 
13. Aer Lingus
14. Head coach of the England cricket team
15. Never Mind The Buzzcocks
16. He beat a baby rabbit to death with a bicycle pump (then skinned and ate him)
17. Take Prince George to a football match
18. Heatwave (temperatures reaching 48C/118F)
19. Mayor of London
20. Hashtag 

Friday May 22 quiz answers

1. Tristram Hunt. Bonus: 35 
2. Galway. Bonus: 1979
3. Vienna. Bonus: Still In Love With You
4. It refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan 
5. 4.2
6. £1.53 billion (accept £1.5 billion)
7. Bessie (a cow which escaped from a field and was said to pose a 'significant risk' to the public) 
8. They were among the eight men remanded in custody accused of carrying out the £60m jewel heist at Hatton Gardens
9. Palmyra. Bonus: A bazooka
10. Thomas Cook (it was the Corfu bungalow where two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning during a 2006 holiday)
11. They are all phone-hacking victims who received compensation payments from Trinity Mirror
12. The official Scrabble dictionary
13. Net migration to the UK
14. Jeremy Clarkson, in his first interview (with Chris Evans) since being dropped from Top Gear
15. Liverpool footballer Raheem Sterling. Bonus: Norwich City and Middlesbrough
16. Stockport
17. Magnox 
18. Same-sex marriage
Not wearing high heels (she is an amputee)
20. Erectile dysfunction

Friday May 15 quiz answers

1. Sajid Javid. Bonus: Energy Secretary.
2. The Guardian. Bonus: 27. Bonus: The Patagonian Toothfish - because its demise is causing problems for the albatross, which is Prince Charles’s real concern
3. The influx of foreign workers from the EU. Bonus: Seven
4. Barcelona and Juventus
5. Philadelphia
6. The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies. Bonus: Radio Times Audience Award
7. Grand Union Canal in London 
8. He was charged with treason, including disobeying Kim and falling asleep at a military event 
9. Lyndsey Vonn (Olympic skier)
10. Bank Holiday Monday (May 25) 
11. Dogs belonging to Johnny Depp who arrived into the country on a private jet and were not declared to Customs
12. Announce she was standing for the Labour leadership
13. Sexual harassment
14. 355 not out
15. Prince Charles
16. BB King who died this week aged 89
17. Charlotte Church to Katie Hopkins
18. Nigel Farage
19. Steven Gerrard’s final game for Liverpool at Anfield (v Crystal Palace)
20. 331

Friday May 8 quiz answers

1. Andrea Jenkyns (Conservative). Bonus: Morley and Outwood
2. Mark Williams. Bonus: Eat his hat
3. Labour’s Douglas Alexander. Bonus: Labour 1, Lib Dems 1, Conservatives 1
4. Esther McVey
5. Sunderland Central
6. Fourth. Bonus: 8lb 3oz
7. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho referring to those who criticised Chelsea after winning the Premier League title
8. Ruth Rendell who died this week aged 85
9. Pikey - whether its use was racially offensive to Gypsies and Travellers.
10. So You Win Again
11. She is the right-wing blogger who organised the 'Draw Muhammad' event in Texas that was targeted by two gunmen
12. Deliberately driving their car into an embankment at 80mph on the M1 in Leicestershire
13. Rome
14. Bollywood Star Salman Khan, found guilty of hit & run and drink driving
15. The Who
16. China. Bonus: HSBC
17. Prince Harry after she asked if he would marry her
18. Facebook
19. 17th-Century Scottish pirate Captain (William) Kidd
20. Black players he selected for the national team 

Friday May 1 quiz answers

1. 100,000. Bonus: Ed Balls. Bonus: Leeds
2. His execution in Bali
3. AFC Bournemouth’s promotion to the Premier League

4. €500,000 (£357,953)
5. She reported builders to the police for wolf-whistling at her
6. Emirates
7. 24-hour drinking
8. She was caught on video slapping her 16-year-old son to stop him rioting in Baltimore
9. Five (till 2020). Bonus: Russell Brand
10. 7.8. Bonus: Four months. Bonus: Department for International Development
11. Drawing pictures of the prophet Mohammed
12. Claude Littner
13. Orville (the duck partner of Keith Harris who died this week)
14. England
15. He killed 12 people and wounded 70 others at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012
16. Have I Got News For You
17. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao
18. Airbus
19. Mercury
20. Tattoos

Friday April 24 quiz answers

1. John Major. Bonus: #milifandom. Bonus: His Wikipedia entry - removing all criticism. Bonus:
2. £6.4 billion. Bonus: Wonga
3. Italy’s dedicated search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean 
4. He allegedy stopped a fire engine on its way to a 999 call
5. Jamelia
6. 383
7. It is the chemical in diet pills that killed 21-year-old Eloise Aimee Parry
8. Anzac Day (commemorated on April 25 in memory of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have died in war).
9. Drove a tractor on to the motorway
10. He shot American president Ronald Reagan in 1981
11. Saudi Arabia, saying it was ending its airstrikes in Yemen and seeking a political solution 
12. Aston Villa and Arsenal. Bonus: Liverpool 
13. 89
14. Teddy Houlston, who became Britain’s youngest organ donor. 
15. Avengers: Age of Ultron
16. This weekend’s London Marathon
17. Me at the Zoo
18. Everybody Loves Raymond
19. Rhodes
20. The hole drilled by the thieves into the vault at the Hatton Gardens Safe Deposit company 

Friday April 17 quiz answers

1. Plaid Cymru (3). The SNP had 6, Ukip 2 and Greens 1.

Bonus: Blukip.
2. Daily Express and Daily Star. Bonus: A sword fight in Hyde Park
3. Viv Nicholson (the 
'Spend Spend Spend' pools winner)
4. Ancient Iraqi city destroyed by Islamic State
5. He was asked to drop his Northern accent
6. They were all included in the UK's first weekly vinyl singles chart, launched by the Official Charts Company. Bonus: When A Man Loves A Woman. Bonus: 
Frozen soundtrack
7. Malta
8. As a show of support for the family of murdered student Karen Buckley
9. 21. Bonus: (Minus) 18
10. Hillary Clinton’s father (Hugh Rodham)
11. To mark the death of Australian cricket commentator Richie Benaud
12. She painted her Kensingtom town house in red and white stripes
13. Sue Perkins
14. Borussia Dortmund
15. He was awarded the Victoria Cross by the Queen at Windsor Castle
16. Google
17. The Dragon
18. Leicestershire
19. Morrisons
20. July 16

Friday April 10 quiz answers

1. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. Bonus: The non-domicile (non-dom) rules that allow British residents, whose permanent home is outside the UK, to not pay tax on foreign income. Bonus: Change the Tune

2. Grimsby. Bonus: A porn star (under the name of Johnny Rockhard) and promoter of adult films 
3. Georgia. Bonus: Niall Horan (One Direction)
4. Ten years
5. Queen Victoria, aged 10
6. Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd
7. Barry Manilow
8. Oil
9. Have I Got News For You
10. American Pie
11. Milan
12. South Carolina police officer charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man in the back 
13. Toby Jones (Marvellous) and Jason Watkins (The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies). Bonus: House of Fraser
14. Blackpool
15.  A First Great Western driver who joined a train at Banbury and headed for London instead of Reading
16. The English word that foreigners said they found the hardest to pronounce (according to submissions to Redditt)
17. Tikrit
18. To allow England to retake a penalty after the referee made a mistake in the original game
19. Alderney
20. Win the Grand National

Friday April 3 quiz answers

1. He was the 17-year-old student who asked the first question from the audience. Bonus: Salford
2. £3,000. Bonus: Institute for Fiscal Studies
3. Martin Freeman. Bonus: The Daily Telegraph. Bonus: Being HIV Positive
4. They were all subjects of April Fool jokes. Cowell’s face to be on £5 note (Sun); Clarkson to support Guardian’s climate change campaign; Ant & Dec to join forces with Anton Du Beke to become a trio called Ant & Dec & Anton Du Beke (Radio Times) and Longleat to wrap cars in bubble wrap to save them from monkeys (Daily Mail)
5. Borneo
6. Prince William
7. B&Q 
8. Alice
9. British couple found shot dead in their villa near Benidorm
10. Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari
11. Nigeria
12. They won £1 million in the Lottery for the second time
13. Joni Mitchell who was taken to hospital in LA
14. At least 147 students were killed and others taken hostage by masked gunmen (it’s in Kenya)
15. £53 million (£53,193,914)
16. Tottenham (Andros Townsend) and Southampton (Graziano Pellè)
17. The International Criminal Court (ICC)
18. Majorca. Bonus: The toilet
19. He boasted he had fathered 40 children by 20 different women
20. Coronation Street

Friday March 27 quiz answers

1. Dusseldorf. Bonus: Andreas Lubitz. Bonus: Wolverhampton Wanderers (Molineux)
2. Zero-hour contracts. Bonus: Vladimir Putin
3. Shredded Wheat. Bonus: May 27
4. Neighbours
5. Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew)
6. Wales (61) 
7. Nigel Farage (and his family)
8. A Government bid to change the rules on electing the Commons speaker
9. Downton Abbey
10. Firing squad
11. A non-beating heart. The first transplant of a heart that had stopped functioning was carried out at Papworth hospital 
12. Fans blame her for Zayn Malik leaving One Direction (the same charge that was levelled at Yoko Ono when John Lennon left the Beatles)
13. It is the gene that’s mutation has led to Angelina Jolie's decision to have her ovaries removed 
14. The cost of living
15. Prince Charles
16. Their game was postponed last September when UEFA ruled that no matches would be played in Israel during the conflict with Hamas 
17. Rest and Be Thankful
18. Desertion (and misbehaviour in the face of the enemy)
19. The reburial of Richard III. Bonus: Carol Ann Duffy
20. The next presenter of Top Gear

Friday March 20 quiz answers

1. 1p. Bonus: £10,800. Bonus: 12. Bonus: Agincourt and Waterloo 

2. £6.70
3. Danny Alexander
4. Vladimir Putin when asked about his ten-day ‘disappearance’ from public life
5. Headlining at Glastonbury
6. Bardo National Museum. 
Bonus: Sally Adey
7. None
8. Cyril Smith
9. Pam
10. Synthetic 
11. Deputy Mayor of London
12. Israel
13. Sainsbury’s. Bonus: Aldi
14. Michael Green.
15. Sunderland (Ellis Short is the owner of Sunderland AFC who sacked Gus Poyet as manager and appointed Dick Advocaat)
16. Jersey
17. Viewing porn via their official accounts
18. April 8
19. Attacked by a polar bear
20. Sparrow
Friday March 13 quiz answers

1. Jagger. Bonus: Thendara Satisfaction

2. David Duckenfield, police commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster, admitting to the inquest that he lied about opening the gates at the stadium
3. Got to Give It Up
4. The Dancing Man 
5. The Rotherham sex scandal
6. Poldark
7. €1.40. Bonus: North Korea
8. Nancy. Bonus: Grey Coat Hospital School in Westminster
9. Scotland
10. 2 percent
11. Rona Fairhead
12. Fly around the world without fuel
13. Electro Velvet
14. He was struck by a horse at the Cheltenham festival. 
15. St Paul’s Cathedral  
16. Out of respect to the ten people, including three French sport stars, who died in a helicopter crash in Argentina
17. He is the producer who was involved in a 'fracas' with Jeremy Clarkson
18. The End. Bonus: 66
19. £1.9 million. Bonus: Forest Green Rovers
20. A washing machine 

Friday March 6 quiz answers

1. Cage. Bonus: M1. Bonus: Science teacher

2. He was charged with the murder of 16-year-old Becky Watts
3. The end of the miners’ strike 
4. Peppa Pig (via a malfunctioning 'fun and learn' tablet)
5. £106,000
6. Bert. Bonus: Alfred
7. Eurostar
8. 5.2 inches or 13.12cms (or 5.16 inches to be more exact)
9. Free banking 
10. A photograph of a kingfisher flying in flight carrying a weasel on its back
11. Musketeers
12. Stopped eight landmark clocks in Swansea at midnight for ‘safety reasons’ when he learned his job wasn’t being replaced
13. Seven. Bonus: Sunderland
14. K-cup coffee pods (which he says are bad for the environment, expensive and encourage addiction)
15. Syria
16. New Zealand and India
17. William Shatner (Captain Kirk), explaining why he did not attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral
18. The eighth hole. Bonus: 72
19. Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff talking about his depression
20. Christian Grey

Friday February 27 quiz answers
1. £67,000. Bonus: Kensington and Chelsea
2. Sound of Music. Bonus: Still Alice
3. Afghanistan
4. Chris Kyle (the American sniper)
5. Mumsnet
6. Flying a drone
7. Lance corporal who received the Victoria Cross for dogged bravery in the face of the enemy in Afghanistan
8. George Ezra. Bonus: Armani. Bonus: Lionel Richie
9. Everton (beat BSC Young Boys 3-1)
10. The Valley (Charlton Athletic)
11. Jihadi John
12. Aerotoxic syndrome (memory loss, tremors, lethargy and death through expose to jet fuel in the cabin)
13. November and December
14. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Bonus: Lloyds Banking Group
15. Mosul
16. £6,000
17. Use their mobile phone
18. Sleeping for more than eight hours a night
19. Cliff Richard
20. TV licence

Friday February 20 quiz answers

1. Tripoli. Bonus: Dan Uzan

2. 0.3 per cent
3. Editorship of The Guardian
4. On Mars
5. How’s Adam? Bonus: Hetti Bywater (current), Eva Brittin-Snell (1993 to 1996), Casey Anne Rothery (1996 to 2004), Melissa Suffield (2004 to 2010) 
6. Seven. Bonus: West Indies
7. 400 Jewish headstones were desecrated and painted with swastikas
8. Lesley Gore
9. Not in Education, Employment or Training
10. The Arndale shopping centre in Manchester
11. Esther McVey (Employment Minister). Bonus: The Bishops of the Church of England. Bonus: Corner shop
12. It is the name of the Metro station in Paris where Chelsea fans were filmed pushing a black man off a train 
13. England and Ireland
14. Brian
15. He walked home alone for one and a half miles from a Middlesbrough nursery
16. Geneva
17. Jake Bugg
18. Centrica (owners of British Gas)
19. Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson) 
20. The teeth of a limpet

Friday February 13 quiz answers

1. Woman To Woman. Bonus: Girls Aloud 

2. Bath
3. Julianne Moore. Bonus: Tom Cruise. Fry said 'OMFG It’s Tom F***ing Cruise'. Bonus: Beck
4. Australia
5. Kayla Mueller
6. Nigel Pearson (Leicester City), Paul Lambert (Aston Villa)
7. All were listed as holding accounts in Switzerland with HSBC’s private bank
8. Memory loss ... he can’t remember the lines
9. Filming his young daughter on an iPad
10. £5 billion (specifically £5.136 billion)
11. Heathrow Airport
12. 12 
13. Three Muslim students were shot dead
14. Minsk (in Belarus). Bonus: Midnight on Sunday (Feb 15)
15. Names of customers who bought a copy of Charlie Hebdo magazine
16. The amount of chocolate they eat
17. Melbourne and Christchurch. Bonus: Australia
18. Pope Francis 
19. 16 years
20. Go shoe shopping
Friday February 6 quiz answers

1. None. He lost the last set 6-0. Bonus: Parental advisory explicit content
Go Set A Watchman. Bonus: Harper Lee

3. Robin Williams
4. Three parent families (the law which allows the creation of babies with DNA from two women and one man)
Disabled pensioner whose mugging in Gateshead led to £330,000 in donations

6. 21
7. New England Patriots. Bonus: The Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 
8. Tristram Hunt
9. Fox News. Bonus: Abdullah 
10. Rotherham
11. Taipei
12. Al-Jazeera
13. Boots (the Chemists). Bonus: Bill
14. Bob Dylan
15. Nicole Scherzinger on her split with Lewis Hamilton 
16. Twitter
17. A snowman
18. The Speaking Clock. BT will donate 10p for each call made from a BT landline to Comic Relief
19. Kiev
20. A packet of melon and grapes (because it can ferment into alcohol)

Friday January 30 quiz answers

1. Tripoli

2. Not in the Bible. Bonus: York Minster
3. McDonald’s
4. Chelsea and Tottenham
5. Auschwitz (he was locked in the visitors’ centre while filming and later arrested)
6. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe
7. Benedict Cumberbatch after using the term ‘coloured’ when referring to black actors
8. Forever and Ever (on the Roussos Phenomonen EP). Bonus: Aphrodite’s Chlld
9. To intercept two Russian bombers in the English Channel
10. Juno
11. The Stone Roses (Ian Brown). Bonus: Paul Gadd
12. Scottish National party
13. King Salman. Bonus: Half-brother
14. An asteroid (with a moon) that passed earth only 750,000 miles away on Monday
15. Millennium Hotel, Mayfair
16. Stay With Me by Sam Smith (which uses the same chords as Petty's song I Won’t Back Down)
17. Tomas Berdych. Bonus: Kim Sears
18. Alexis Tsipras
19. He is on trial in Sheffield for having sex with a Shetland pony
20. She lied abut her age (Katie Redford claimed to be 19 when she is 25)

Friday January 23 quiz answers

1.  February 27. Bonus: Eon
2. 60. Bonus: Langton and Rachid
3. Barack Obama, in his annual State of the Union address to Congress
4. 1,000 (20 sets of 50)
5. Jack Hayward, life president of Wolverhampton Wanderers
6. On The Sun’s Page 3
7. £15.95 
8. James Blunt
9. Austria
10. Sir John Chilcot. Bonus: 29
11. His own death
12. King Lear
13. Tel Aviv
14. Davos
15. A wheelie bin 
16. David Tennant. Bonus: She was stuck in traffic
17. Gordon Ramsay
18. Sledging (on-field spats). Bonus: £35,000
19. Leon Brittan (Lord Brittan of Spennithorne) who died this week
20. 11.57

Dead people in 2014: Quiz answers

Quiz 1 

1 Mandy Rice Davis

Lyndsey de Paul
3 Billie Whitelaw
4 Alvin Stardust
5 Mike Smith
6 Ian Paisley
Richard Attenborough
8 Acker Bilk

Quiz 2 

PD James
2 Joe Cocker
3 Peaches Geldof
4 Lauren Bacall
5 Robin Williams
6 James Garner
7 Phillip Hughes
8 Dora Bryan

Quiz 3 

Bob Crow
2 Malcolm Glazer
3 Kate O'Mara
4 Donald Sinden
5 Pat Partridge
6 Eusebio
7 L'Wren Scott
Rik Mayall 

Quiz 4

1 Elaine Stritch

2 Roger Lloyd Pack
3 Ariel Sharon
4 Mickey Rooney
Sue Townsend
6 Clarissa Dickson Wright
Richard Kiel
8 Tommy Ramone

Quiz 51 Lynda Bellingham
Bobby Womack
Joan Rivers
4 Bob Hoskins
5 Felix Dennis
6 Tony Benn
James Ellis
8 Shirley Temple Black

Quiz 6

1 Phil Everly
2 Jeremy Thorpe
3 Philip Seymour Hoffman
4 Eli Wallach
5 Jimmy Ruffin
6 Jack Bruce
7 John Bardon
8 Warren Clarke

Friday January 16 quiz answers

1. Tout est pardonné. Bonus: Dieudonne (M'bala M’bala). Bonus: Verviers

2. My mother
3. Towns in North-East Nigeria that were attacked by Boko Haram
4. Free United Kingdom Party (Fukp). Bonus: Brick it up
5. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
6. Walking for 20 minutes
7. Mold
8. Alastair Campbell
9. South Oxfordshire District Council
10. The Swiss Franc
11. Birdman. Bonus: Meryl Streep
12. Manchester United
13. Yosemite
14. Ruth Rendell
15. Nicky Morgan
16. Ken Morley - who was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother
17. Stephen Hendry
18. Suspended sentence (for 18 months)
19. President of Fifa
20. Joseph Stalin

Friday January 9 quiz answers

1. Stephane Charbonnier. Bonus: Weekly (short for hebdomadaire). Bonus: Donald Trump

2. Yemen
3. Oldham Athletic Football Club (over Ched Evans)
4. Conversations. Bonus: Germany
5. Pink (to remember Glenn McGrath's wife, Jane, who died of breast cancer in 2008)
6. 43
7. Red Cross. Bonus: Andy Burnham
8. She claimed to have been sexually abused by Prince Andrew when she was underage (17)
9. It beached on a sandbank in the Solent (it is a 51,000-tonne cargo ship)
10. LA Galaxy
11. Mark Pritchard
12. Sri Lanka
13. Salmonella
14. Stansted
15. Adult nappies (as the streets are expected to be gridlocked and they won’t be able to use the toilets)
16. The Cavern in Liverpool (where the Beatles used to play)
17. He is to marry Stephen Fry (and he was also banned from driving after speeding at more than 100mph) 
18. Darts
19. A print of a flower thrower signed by Banksy
20. He was on the toilet and had run out of paper 

Friday January 2 quiz answers

1. Norman Atlantic
2. Java. Bonus: Queen’s Park Rangers

3. Big Ben
Falmouth, Cornwall. Bonus: Claire Perry

5. Gallipoli
6. Crystal Palace (Alan Pardew) and West Bromich Albion (Tony Pulis)
Bonus: Nothing (or alphabetical order). They had identical records.
7. Margaret Thatcher
Nurse who flew to Glasgow with Ebola and who was moved to an isolation ward in London

9. Artist and designer of the ceramic poppies display at the Tower of London
Bonus: Poet Laureate
10. Barack Obama
11. The Belfry
12. Shanghai
13. Cancer 
14. West Ham
15. Convert to Islam
16. British Airways and EasyJet
17. Jenson Button. Bonus: Miranda’s (Miranda Hart's TV wedding to Gary)
18. Steve Gerrard (announcing his departure from Liverpool FC)
19. The title of Chevalier (the equivalent of knighthood) in France's Legion of Honour
20. Mobile phone

Friday December 26 quiz answers

1. Billie Whitelaw, who died this week
2. Climb Online. Bonus: 70

3. God is great (greater, greatest). Bonus: Manuel Valls
4. Sheffield. Bonus: With A Little Help From My Friends

5. The marriage of Elton John and David Furnish
6. Blackpool, Leeds United, Watford, Luton, Preston, Northampton or York
7. A Texan hospital
8. George Square. Bonus: Turned their Christmas lights off
9. Thorntons
10. Bjorn Borg
11. Reading a back-lit e-book
12. James Bond
13. Jordan
14. Fostering ambassador
15. Hong Kong
16. Bryan Ferry
17. The ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. Bonus: Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was ill.
18. Black 18-year-old shot dead by police in St Louis
19. City Link
20. Sacked a manager

Friday December 19 quiz answers

1. Peshawar. Bonus: The death penalty (for terrorism offences)

2. The Interview. Bonus: The Guardians of Peace
3. Tori Johnson. Bonus: Barrister
4. Jo Pavey, 10,000m gold winner in the European Championships

5. Stockport
6. 1961
7. Sam Smith
8. Appearing in a nativity play (she was the innkeeper). The school was concerned about the online safety of other pupils in the video.
9. Three children are believed to have been murdered by an establishment paedophile ring
10. Her finger may have swollen after being in hospital
11. Iraq War veteran, wanted for the killing of six family members in Pennsylvania, who was found dead of "self-inflicted cutting wounds”.
12. Jury service
13. North Sea oil
14. Sheffield United and Tottenham Hotspur
15. The father, Andrew Michael, is to stand as a UKIP candidate for Hastings and Rye. Bonus: Nigel Farage
16.  A leaked memo advising Labour MPs on how to handle immigration and UKIP
17. Mandy Rice-Davies, who died this week age 70
18. Aer Lingus
19. The Millies. Bonus: The Sun
20. The Queen announcing her abdication during her Christmas speech

Friday December 12 quiz answers

1. Cobalt. Bonus: Waterboarding
2. Playing Candy Crush on his iPad
3. Ukip candidate who resigned after accusing the party’s general secretary of sexual harassment
4. St Andrew’s University (where they met). The money will fund scholarships and bursaries for under-privileged students
5. The prosecution evidence in the case against Shrien Dewani
6. Papiss Cisse. Bonus: Sporting (Club de Portugal)

7. Oslo
8. 'Poor people don't know how to cook’ Bonus: Sent porn DVDs to families instead of summer school plays
9. Selfie. Bonus: Katy Perry 
10. Prince Charles
11. Pele
12. Converted their civil partnerships to marriage
13. Editor of The Guardian (Alan Rusbridger said this in an email to all staff)
14. Hereford United
15. 43 per cent
16. Pugsley in the Addams Family 
17. Happy by Pharrell Williams. Bonus: Ed Sheeran 
18. Office for Budget Responsibility
19. Palestinian Minister who died in a protest on the West Bank
20. Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

Friday December 5 quiz answers

1. £10,600. Bonus: Air passenger duty

2. Parkinson’s. Bonus: David Steel
3. Public speaking 
4. David and Brooklyn Beckham
5. Spectre. Bonus: M (replacing Judi Dench)
6. Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge
7. 31.5 (accept 31 or 32 … he was first elected in June 1983). Bonus: Ten
8. Her goal for Irish club Peamount United is one of three shortlisted for Fifa’s goal of the year (the other two are from the World Cup)
9. Starbucks
10. Once every 12 days
11. Leeds United
12. 56
13. Artificial Intelligence (robots). Bonus: An asteroid
14. He was the ‘whistleblower’ who told The Sun about Andrew Mitchell’s behaviour in Plebgate
15. He drank ten cans of Coke a day
16. 'I can’t breathe' (as he was held in a chokehold by police officers in New York)
17. Wigan Athletic and Fulham
18. She drank excessively while pregnant
19. He told primary school pupils that Father Christmas did not exist
20. Russell Brand 

Friday November 29 quiz answers

1. 40. Bonus: Severe
2. Graham Hill and Jim Clark. Bonus: 11
3. Bayeaux Tapestry
4. Paper driving licence
5. Michael Brown. Bonus: Missouri
6. Pay day loans
7. ASDA. Bonus: A tonque-eating louse (cymothoa exigua)

8. His wife, Lady Cobham, received the CBE. Bonus: £29
9. The Pope (Pope Francis)
10. £337 million
11. The Belfry Golf Club (it reopened again on Wednesday)
12. Mad Frankie Fraser
13. Coca-Cola

14. First Britons to be jailed for terrorism training in Syria
15. Middlesex, Hampshire, Worcestershire. Bonus: 26
16. East Coast (mainline rail route)
17. P.D. James (Phyllis Dorothy)
18. News Group Newspapers (owners of The Sun)
19. Not throwing Jimmy Savile off the QE2. He said: "My other regret is standing at the rail of the QE2 with Jimmy Savile who I personally disliked intensely before everyone else did, and my regret is not tipping him over the rail while I had the chance."
20. Vinyl records

Friday November 21 quiz answers

1. Liberal Democrats. Bonus: Image from #Rochester (along with a picture of a house flying three flags of St George and with a white van in the drive)
2. Bridlington
3. Snow storms
4. Cousins. Bonus: Liverpool
5. Paddington (Bear)
6. A cycling accident in Central Park, New York
7. The East Yorks breeding site where there was an outbreak of bird flu 
8. Stuart Lancaster. Bonus: Samoa 
9. 26-year-old woman who is to marry mass murderer Charles Manson
10. Honduras
11. The Agenda. Bonus: Littlewoods
12. Premier Range. Bonus: Uwe Rosler
13. Bournemouth (and Christchurch) Hospital
14. JJB Sports
15. All claimed to have been drugged and sexually abused by Bill Cosby
16. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?
17. T-Mobile phone shop in Caerphilly (to prove he was dead after the company contined to send her bills)
18. £56 million 
19. Mexico
20. Jeremy Vine

Friday November 14 quiz answers

1. 888,246? Bonus: Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. Bonus: Joss Stone (with Jeff Beck)
2. Smoke if an under 18 is also in the car
3. Real Sociedad
4. Panorama (Fake Sheikh: Exposed)
5. Rogue city traders who cheated clients out of millions of pounds
6. Casualty and Holby City actress who died after a six-year battle with cancer
7. Bobby Charlton. Bonus: Slovenia
8. Cranberries
9. Philip Hammond
10. 2004. Bonus: Philae

11. 69
12. Jennifer Aniston (talking about Brad Pitt)
13. Samantha Lewthwaite. Bonus: Canberra
14. Australian waters (they are Russian battleships)
15. The cover of the Band Aid 30 single - Do They Know It’s Christmas (2014)
16. They have all withdrawn, or threatened to withdraw, their involvement with Sheffield United over the club’s position on convicted rapist Ched Evans
17. One (6-0, 6-1)
18. He is the American lawyer who claims his report into FIFA corruption has been ‘misrepresented'
19. Nottingham
20. Michael Buerk (68)

Friday November 7 quiz answers

1. Leeds Crown Court. Bonus: Spanish  

2. Anonymous
3. England (v the All Blacks at Twickenham). He qualifies on grounds of residency  
4. Karren Brady, Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge
5. Identified as the Navy seal who shot Osama Bin Laden 
6. Stephen Fry
7. Mud. Bonus: Lynne Featherstone
8. Alex Salmond
9. Sonya Milkshake. Bonus: Tetley's
10. Zoe Ball
11. 13. Bonus: 68 
12. The client would not employ Irish people because of their alcoholic nature’
13. November 12  
14. (Star Wars Episode VII) The Force Awakens
15. November 30. Bonus: £2.50
16. They are among the Labour MPs Ed Miliband to stand down as party leader.
17. Tom Odel
18. 51
19. She became engaged to Benedict Cumberbatch 
20. European Central Bank and Quantitive Easing

Friday October 31 quiz answers 

1. Camp Bastion. Bonus: 453. Bonus: £25
2. Leeds
3. Diet Coke (8 or 9 cans a day)
4. Isis (Lord and Lady Grantham’s labrador)
5. Surgeon who died while trying to rescue surfers at Mawgan Porth beach in Cornwall
6. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
7. i) He spoke to a manager, Neil Warnock of Crystal Palace, on the phone after the game and ii) he left the football ground on his own, rather than with the other two officials. Bonus: Newcastle
8. Antares
9. Charlton (Valentine). Bonus: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
10. Morrisons
11. Nick Clegg
12. Latvia
13. Strawberries. Bonus: Pumpkins
14. Sistine Chapel 
15. Pop musicians
16. Maureen Lipman
17. Dementia/Alzheimers
18. £500m
19. The Queen
20. Chocolate coins

Thursday October 23 quiz answers 

1. House of Commons Sergeant at Arms who shot dead gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the Canadian Parliament building
2. 0.99 per cent. Bonus: HSBC​
3. Glaucoma
4. Murdering three unarmed police officers, who stopped him after an armed robbery
5. Soothing blue lights
6. Waitrose. Bonus: Brazilian wanderer (or Brazilian wandering spider)
7. Goodfellas
8. The Total oil boss was killed in an accident at a Moscow airport

9. Alvin Stardust
10. Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards
11. Fiona Woolf
12. 1974 Bonus: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein 
13. £55
14. King Tutankhamun
15. Detriot Lions and Atlanta Falcons
16. 66. Bonus: Wilko Johnston
17. Lloyds Bank
18. Survive an avalanche in Nepal
19. Kanya King. Bonus: Four
20. Designer watch

Friday October 17 quiz answers 

1. Inherent Resolve
2. Bob Geldof, talking about the death of daughter Peaches  
3. Sheffield United Bonus: Loose Women
4. 1.2 per cent
5. Pink slime
6. Berkshire (Sonning) Bonus: British Museum
7. Councillor David Scott from Tunbridge Wells (a point which Lord Freud said he understood)
8. The Narrow Road To The Deep North Bonus: American authors
9. Backpacker who found a 3in leech living up her nose
10. Gozo (accept Malta)
11. The Apprentice programme
12. Apple and Facebook
13. Sally Davies
14. Serbia and Albania Bonus: 0-0 
15. Honorary Dame (or to be exact, Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George)
16. Clipboard man Bonus: Amber Joy Vinson
17. Ed Miliband
18. Salcombe
19. Oasis of the Seas
20. Rochester and Strood (half point for Rochester)

Friday October 10 quiz answers 

1. Mumbai. BonusRecon. Bonusasiansubguy

2. Barton Upon Humber - half point if you said Hull
3. The Second Half. BonusRoddy Doyle
4. He won a Nobel prize for discovering the brain’s ‘inner GPS system’.
5. Excalibur 
6. Heywood and Middleton.
7. Kobane (or Kobani) Bonus - (Recep Tayyip) Erdoğan
8. Cardiff
9. Won’t Somebody Dance With Me? BonusMorrissey
10. Home Secretary
11. Gregg Wallace
12. BE11 END
13. Colombia and Mexico
14. KPgenius
15. She has 1,000 pairs of shoes stored here  
16. Marussia
17. Older
18. China (overtaking America) 
19. Bill Nighy
20. Accommodate (accept Accommodation); Accessory; Appearance; Acquire

Friday October 3 quiz answers 

1. £41,900 (accept £42,000)
Bonus: Yorkshireman
Bonus: Ed Miliband
Bonus: Irvine Welsh (referring to George Osborne quoting Trainspotting)
Bonus: Glasgow
2. Charlotte
3. Phil Mickelson. Bonus: Minnesota
4. The Clooney wedding
5. Twiggy
6. Roman Catholic bishop of Arundel and Brighton who resigned after admitting breaching his vows
7. Akrotiri
8. Director of the United States Secret Service
9. Lynda Bellingham
10. Tom and Jerry
11. Her photograph was used in the Sunday Mirror sting that caught out Tory MP Brooks Newmark
12. The umbrella
13. More Fool Me
14. He is the millionaire Tory donor who announced he is switching to UKIP - and decided to raise his donation from £100,000 to £1million
15. Battersea
16. Mount Ontake
17. Paris St Germain and Barcelona
18. Jeremy Clarkson
19. Ebola
20. Piers Morgan

Thursday September 25 quiz answers

1. Sir Richard Broadbent. Bonus Marks & Spencer
2. She lied about her address in an attempt get her daughter into a secondary school in a neighbouring borough (actual offence was forging a tenancy agreement)
3. Sir Alex Ferguson. Bonus Europe - Paul McGinley. US - Tom Watson.

4. £2.5 billion. Bonus The Northern Echo. Bonus Justine (Miliband nee Thornton)
5. Slough
6. Bahrain and Jordan Bonus: Algeria
7. Victoria Beckham
8. #HeForShe
9. Warrington
10. Pollsters
11. Sadie Frost
12. 69
13. He is the prime suspect in the search for missing teenage Alice Gross
14. Middlesbrough
15. A doorbell (the dog barked when it heard the doorbell, so the owner used it to find which rabbit hole he was trapped in)
16. He was holding a styrofoam cup in his saluting hand
17. Barnett Formula
18. Trinity Mirror (owners of the Mirror newspapers) for hacking their phones
19. Mangalyaan
20. Rod Stewart

Saturday September 20 quiz answers

1. 84.5 per cent (so 84 or 85 is correct). Bonus - Andy Murray. BonusNorth Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire 
2. Cilla Black
3. Thailand
4. 14
5. Greg Norman
6. The Riot Club
7. The musical director allegedly impersonated Hitler in front of a German choir
8. Enduro Charity Bike ride Bonus - John Cantlie. Bonus - 47
9. Marry George Cooney (in Venice)
10. Watching a volley ball game
11. Koh Tao
12. Barbie
13. Phones 4U 
14. Liverpool and Everton
15. Swansea
16. Agent Fifi - her job was to test if trainee secret agents could keep their mouths shut
17.  Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St Andrews
18.  A pedestrian mobile texting lane
19. Wilbur Smith  
20. The lower section is flesh coloured and they appear to be naked

Friday September 12 quiz answers

1. Elizabeth and Victoria. Bonus - Invictus Games 

2. Penny Junor.
3. Steffi Graf. Bonus - 17
4. The Saltire. Bonus - North Korea
5. Discharging a firearm in public (in a restaurant)
6. Bread
8. Luton
9. Justin Beiber
10. British businessman killed by a great white shark in Bryon Bay, Australia
11. The 16.46 between London Euston and Crewe
12. Dave Gorman
13. Michael Schumacher
14. Claudia Winkleman
15. U2
16. Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)
17. Swimmer Rebecca Adlington 
18. He was named as Jack the Ripper in a new book
19. Alibaba
20. Roger Moore

Friday September 5 quiz answers

1 American and UK survivors of Ebola
2 Icebreaker
3 Tony Blair
4 They were not wearing black leather shoes
5 Turned the fire hose on them
6 Ivan. Bonus: Prague
7 Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales
8 Half brothers released on DNA evidence after 30 years in Death Row in North Carolina
 9 Douglas Carswell
10 Ryder Cup
11 ACTED (France-based). Bonus: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi  
12 India
13 Actress Maxine Peake
14 Two weeks. Bonus: France
15 Mayor of London, Boris Johnson
16 The Great British Bake Off
17 David Cassidy
18 The FTSE
19 Independent Press Standards Organisation
20 101

Saturday March 8 quiz answers

1 62p
2 A refund on all losing bets on the Oscar Pistorius trial if he is found not guilty.
3 Jay Z (Gold Jay Z)
4 Tony Hall Bonus Front Row
Blue Jasmine Bonus Bradley Cooper
6 Republic of Ireland (2-1 to Serbia) Bonus Consultant pyschiatrist
7 He achieved nuclear fusion after building a reactor at his school in Preston.
8 Blue and yellow Bonus Hillary Clinton
9 UKIP members
10 Jonathan Ross
11 There is no jury
12 New York Times
13 Ray Quinn, Hayley Tamaddon and Beth Tweddle
14 Children of the Universe
15 Norway
16 Weekly bin collections
17 Miss Havisham
18 Birmingham City (Carson Yeung)
19 Special Demonstration Squad Bonus Dominic Grieve
20 Sandwiches (saying that a lady and gentleman only ever eat with a knife and fork). 

Saturday March 1 quiz answers

1 Bournemouth 
2 John Downey. First bonus, 1982. Second bonus, Peter Robinson
3 Loose Women
4 Doncaster Rovers (reserves)
5 Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
6 Standard Life
7 Pre-nuptial agreements
8 Secretary of State for Health (2005-2007). Bonus, Operation Fernbridge
9 Piers Morgan Live
10 The Quenelle
11 The captain of the Costa Concordia, who has returned to the wreck for the first time as part of his manslaughter trial
12 Birmingham (Hall Green)
13 Working Wheels
14 Michelle Mone
15 Squiddly and Diddly
16 Sudbury, Suffolk
18 To visit Apple to try to unlock a password on his phone. Bonus, Pretoria
19 Joe Biden

20 Claudia Schiffer

Saturday February 22 quiz answers

1. Annecy
2. The Guardian
3. Independence Square
Bonus, former world heavyweight boxing champion
4. Southeastern and Greater Anglia
5. Paedophile Information Exchange
6. Bastille. Bonus, Kate Moss

7. Newcastle
8. Goalkeeper who was sent off in Arsenal’s 2-0 Champions League defeat by Bayern Munich?
9. Cowell’s father Eric. Bonus, Lauren Silverman
10. Veterinarian
11. Marco Polo
12. Chris Grayling
13. 1.9 Per cent
14. David Murdoch
15. Ronnie Scott’s
16. Riyadh
17. WhatsApp
18. Bernie Ecclestone of Formula 1
19. 12 years a slave
20. Rebekah Brooks

Saturday February 15 quiz answers

1. 85

2. Removed the Flappy Bird app
3. 33 and Bristol. Bonus, Canadian
4. Copenhagen. Bonus, Marius 
5. Barclays
6. Flying a light aircraft
7. (Joseph-Maurice) Ravel
8. Oxford, Brighton, Canterbury, Slough, Aldershot, Reading & Chatham
9. Lake Windermere
10. Southwark
11. Parrett and Tone. First bonus, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Second bonus, M2 
12. Mark Harper
13. Switzerland
14. Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)
15. Nicola Sturgeon
16. Ireland and France
17. Miami
18. Breast cancer victim who posted her scars on Facebook
19. Left £770,000 to the Tory party in her will - when her family are all staunch Labour supporters
20. Smokers

Friday October 25 quiz answers

1. Farsala

2. Bagged salad
3. Imperative (imperitive)
4. Swansea
5. Felix Dexter
6. Somerset
7. New South Wales
8. Abu Dhabi 
9. Chelsea Pensioners
10. Saudi Arabia
11. Peter Pan. Bonus, Paul Hayward (Daily Telegraph chief sports writer)
12. Ineos
13. Tim Cook
14. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
15. Liverpool
16. An outbreak of false widow spiders
17. a) 82 … Mary Berry is 78. Bonus, BBC 1 (from BBC 2)
18. Seven. Bonus, Queen Victoria
19. Rickets. Bonus, Dame Sally Davies
20. 64

Friday October 18 quiz answers

1. Grange
2. 10.4 per cent. Bonus, Ed Davey
3. Blue
4. Giving them high-fives
5. Downton Abbey
6. Astronaut (or spacecraft). Bonus, France
7. Three
8. Burberry chief executive who is joing Apple (as vice president for retail and online stores)
9. 28. Bonus, Ben Okri (aged 32 in 1991)
10. £23,000
11. Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad
12.  Argentina. Bonus, The International New York Times
13.  Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple 
14. West Mercia Police
15. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
16. A drug-tester turned up at his house as he was about to leave. 
17. The Yeti (or Abominable snowman)
18. Oxford
19. Gloria de Piero
20. Vinyl LP records

Friday October 11 quiz answers

1. £210
2. 3p
3. Alistair Carmichael who was promoted to Secretary of State for Scotland. Bonus Beyond furious
4. She is to be the first woman to run the Federal Reserve, the US central bank.
5. Owen Paterson
6. 700,000
7. Highclere. Bonus Nigel Harman
8. University of Central Lancashire
9. October 23. Bonus £13
10. Physics
11. Martin Samuel
12. The Land Rover Defender
13. Our Scout values
14. Chocolate
15. Chick Lit
16. Piano and clarinet.
17. Malaga
18. Quilliam Foundation
19. 1.4 per cent
20. Humberside
21. 71
22. Sprite

Friday October 4 quiz answers

1. The Hunt for Red October.
2. Geoffrey Levy. Bonus, Belgium
3. 73.
4. Albatross. First bonus, 15. Second bonus, £42.
5. The Gambia.
6. £25.
7. Reclining seats.
8. Mad About The Boy.
9. James Cracknell.
10. A female choir (the Canterbury Cathedral Girls' Voluntary Choir)
11. Speaker of the US House of Representatives (and Obama's main adversary in the shutdown).
12. Lampedusa.
13. Craven Cottage (half point if you said Fulham). 
14. Tesco.
15. Bradford Crown Court.
16. Andre Previn (she never married Woody Allen).
17. Silk Road.
18. 1936.
19. Princess Eugenie.
20. He is the 17-year-old who posted his party on Facebook while his parents were on holiday … which resulted in £15,000 worth of damage to their home.

Friday September 27 quiz answers

1. The name is the alias, taken from a stolen Passport, used by so called 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite
2. Centrica. BonusShadow Home Secretary
3. Christian Democratic Union (full name needed for 1pt. Half point if you said Christian Democrats)
4. Paolo Di Canio
5. Al-Shabaab. BonusAbdul Haji
6. Power Trip: A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin (half a point if you just said Power Trip). Bonushe was an anti-nuclear protestor 
7. The Newsroom
8. Balmoral Castle, Scotland.
9. Six
10. Michael Gove
11. The Spectator 
12. 12 years 
13. Minus 88C 
14. Argos
15. Puma
16. Fairfax Financial
17. San Francisco Bay
18. Solo
19. Justine Thornton (full name needed for the points. No points for Mrs Ed Miliband)
20. Transform (the Transform Clinic in Altrincham)

Friday September 20 quiz answers

1. Yid
2. The Northampton clown 
3. Giglio. Bonus, Francesco Schettino
4. Manchester. Bonus, Chief Secretary to the Treasury
5. Simon McCoy
6. Kings College Hospital, London
7. Barn owl that fell asleep instead of delivering the wedding rings
8. Judging panel for the BBC programme The Voice
9. Kathryn Blair
10. An abnormal fear of clowns
11. Special Weapons And Tactics. Bonus, Aaron Alexis
12. 16
13. Blade and Brus
14. River Island
15. Sister in law
16. 70 
17. Lloyd Embley
18. Coloured bootlaces
19. JP Morgan Chase
20. A copy of Grand Theft Auto V

Friday September 13 quiz answers

1. Labour MP Rachel Reeves

2. 16 
3. Winston Churchill
4. University of Cambridge. Bonus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Commons Deputy Speaker
6. 7.7 per cent
7. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  
8. £750
9. Tony Jacklin. 69
10. Arsenal, where a category A adult match-day ticket can cost up to £126. Their cheapest ticket is £26.
11. Tom Hanks
12. Interstellar space
13. A dead badger
14. Margaret Hodge
15. Bournemouth
16. Australia
17. Keir Starmer QC
18. Chocolate (After Eights among others)
19. 17 
20. 11

Friday September 6 quiz answers

1. St Petersburg. Bonus, Constantine Palace.  

2. She is to be the author of the new Hercule Poirot story
3. Under the Skin
4. Single
5. Newcastle United
6. Alan Hansen
7. Manchester Crown Court
8. Iain Duncan Smith 
9. Reading
10. Usain Bolt
11. Frank Carson
12. Evening Standard
13. Charlie Hunnam
14. Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
15. Lisbon. Bonus, 74
16. The Marlbrough house teacher who Pippa Middleton had a crush on
17. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad
18.  She used another contestants custard in a trifle 'by mistake'
19.  NUT and NASUWT
20.  Samsung

Friday March 1 quiz answers

1. Diane James. Bonus, Hampshire
2. There Will Be Blood. Bonus, Jennifer Lawrence
3. Claridge's
4. Middlesbrough
5. BT and Sports Direct
6. Silent Witness
7. 5ive ... who were only Four
8. Cornwall Council
9. Sandstorms 
10. St Andrews & Edinburgh
11. The Titanic
12. Sentebale
13. Choppy
14. He jumped from the hot air balloon basket it Luxor before it exploded
15. Bruce Reynolds
16. His Holiness Pope Emeritus
17. Dr Who's 
18. Karl McCartney
19. Students are stealing cutlery and glassware
20. The Beano

Saturday February 23 quiz answers

1. Richard Briers
2. Marine Le Pen 
3. Out There
4. Justine Greening (International Development) and Theresa Villiers (N. Ireland)
5. Port Elizabeth
6. British Museum
7. Amritsar
8. Emeli Sandé. Bonus, Lana Del Ray
9. Damien Hirst
10. £3.5billion
11. Entertainment Tonight
12. The new dragon in the Dragon's Den?
13. Next Thursday (February 28) 
14. Ten. Bonus, eight women and four men
15. The Smoking Dog
16. Surrey
17. Philippines
18. Woolwich Crown Court
19. Cressida Bonas.
20. 500

Friday February 15 quiz answers

1. Joseph Ratzinger. Bonus, 1415  
2. She filed for insolvency (Given name of Martine McCutcheon).
3. Chi
4. Nottingham Crown Court
5. Hatfield Colliery
6. Four-week old baby who was attacked by a fox while he slept in his London home
7. Barclays
8. West Indies v Australia
9. Tabasco (to MailOnline readers)
10. Alan Oliveira, Brazil. Bonus, Reeva Steenkamp
11. Strand Shopping Centre
12. Bute and Phenylbutazone 
13. John Mullin
14. The Notebook
15. Keith Vaz
16. Sir Mervyn King 
17. Three  
18. £2million 
19. Chetham's School of Music in Manchester 
20. It's actually Michael Robert Turner (if you put Michael Le Vell, which is his stage name, you can have a half point).

Thursday February 7 quiz answers

1. Eastleigh

2. M11
3. Energy Secretary
4. Bosworth. Bonus - Mnemonic 
5. 400. Bonus - 134
6. Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard
7. Preston Crown Court
8. Sperm count/fertility
9. The Baltimore Ravens
10. HMV
11. 2016
12. Paul Gascoigne
13. Boris Johnson
14. Toasted sandwich maker
15. Theo Paphitis
16. Virgin Media
17. Royal Bank of Scotland
18. Baccalaureate
19. Chief Executive of the NHS 
20. The iron

 Friday October 26 quiz answers

1. Maria Miller and Lord Patten (of Barnes)
2. £54,650
3. Four months and, for the bonus, Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds
4. Perry White
5. Sir George Young, the new chief whip
6. A year's delay of the badger cull
7. HMV
8. Simon Fox
9. Vivienne Westwood
10. Steady and strong
11. West Yorkshire
12. Glamour model who was the 'wrong type' for the Stoke Park Hotel where she hoped to stage her wedding reception
13. Turkey
14. Collected 649 rare bird eggs
15. Celebrate: (A year of Festivities for Family and Friends)
16. Tom Queally
17. The economy
18. The interest only mortgage
19. Rower Alex Partridge and hockey player Hannah McLeod
20.  Sandy
21. Umbro
22. 1974 (September 23)

 Friday October 19 quiz answers 

1. Prince Charles.
2. The moderator of the second presidential debate who has come under fire for siding with Barack Obama.
3. Jessica Brown Findlay. Bonus - Carl King (played by Tom Lister).
4. Japan. Bonus - Guernsey
5. (Felix) Baumgartner. Bonus - New Mexico.
6. £65,738.
7. Middlesbrough.
8. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
9. Keir Starmer
10. Bring up the Bodies. Bonus - Wolf Hall.
11. Chile.
12. Daily Mirror.
13. Australian PM Julia Gillard.
14. 23.
15. Cranberry Juice.
16. Osborne's is Freya and Cameron's is Larry.
17. 1971. Bonus - Mark Hoban.
18. Rotterdam's Kunsthal Museum.
19. Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan.
20. Kos.
21. Conjoined twins born 12 weeks ago at Great Ormond Street Hospital have been successfully separated.
22. Montrose (at £6).

Friday October 12 quiz answers

1. A cannabis plant
2. Lancaster
3. That there would not be too many Tweets
4. "Ate grass ... as you do." He was commenting on Muslim players praying after scoring

5. Venezuela
6. La Frondeuse (The Troublemaker) and, for the bonus,  Valérie Trierweiler
7. Standard and Poor
8. Sarah Brightman
9. Two years
10. Toyota
11. Sharia Law (Newcastle has a number of Muslim players)
12. Coleen Rooney
13. Facebook and, for the bonus, The Times.
14. British Football coach stabbed to death in Manhattan
15. Olga Powell
16. "It was good while it lasted"
17. Broom
18. Nunki Pippin
19. A
rosé wine in a plastic glass. It won the Great Value Award at the International Wine Challenge  after being rejected by Dragons' Den for being tacky
20. Black on Maroon
21. Dermot O'Leary

Friday October 5 quiz answers

1. Brighton
2. Ed Balls
3. Sybil, or The Two Nations
4. Birmingham
5. Foie gras
6. Three
7. Patrick McLoughlin
8. Scarborough
9. Heineken Lager
10. Justine Thornton (Mrs Miliband) when she joined her husband on the stage at the Labour Party conference. (All this info was in a Daily Telegraph caption).
11. Keith Vaz
12. Swimming the River Tyne in Newcastle (after losing a bet over the future of Newcastle manager Alan Pardew)
13. Ikea
14. 24 weeks
15. University of Denver, Colorado. BONUS: November 6.
16. Turkey (over its border dispute with Syria. The PM is Recep Tayyip Erdogan)
17. Tesco
18. Jose Maria Olazabal
19. Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg)
20. Johnny Ball

Saturday September 29 quiz answers

1. Bishop Bell Church of England School, Eastbourne
2. £13.14
3. Aston Martin
4. Damian Lewis
5. Andy Warhol
6. Bexhill on Sea
7. Thomas Arne
8. Andrew Mitchell
9. Dress was made on the Cook Island, she was in the Solomon Islands
10. The Times
11. St Albans Crown Court
12. Bad Piggies
13. Mitt Romney
14. Mercedes
15. London Interbank Offered Rate.
16. Gordon Brown
17. Medinah (Country Club)
18. Casual Vacancy. Bonus - Little, Brown
19. Ouse
20. Strasbourg. Bonus - Frank Gardner

Friday September 21 quiz answers

1. Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes
2. Hattersley
3. Bradford
4. Publishing topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. He is the editor of the Irish Daily Star.
5. 47 per cent
6. Gerard Pique, Spanish and Barcelona footballer.
7. 140,000
8. Fiona Bruce
9. Shell UK
10. Sarah Sands
11. Ofcom
12. Ian Tomlinson
13. Mexico
14. Tiny Monsters
15. Mary Magdalene
16. David Walliams
17. Sheffield Hallam
18. John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
19. Magazine is called Chi. Bonus: The Queen
20. Theodora "Teddy" Rose

Friday September 14 quiz answers

1. The orchid named after Princess Diana
2. Mummy porn
3. Helen Skelton
4. Fred Perry
5. Kim Sears
6. Alan Turing
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bonus - University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London.
8. Richard III
9. 41
10. Nottingham Forest
11. Dominic Grieve
12. Daily Express, Daily Star, News of the World
13. He was the 19-year-old fisherman who  spent 26 hours in a plastic fish bin off Alaska.
14. Frances O'Grady.
15. 20p
16. Great British Bake Off
17. The body of a man, thought to have fallen from an aircraft due to land at Heathrow
18. Sir Chris Hoy
19. Some people
20. The French left wing newspaper Liberation - about the wealthiest man in France, Bernard Arnault 

Friday Sept 7 quiz answers 

1. Alex Logan
2. Kangaroo
3. Northern Ireland Secretary
4. a) Leo Tolstoy b) Tom Stoppard
5. Emirates
6. Ffion Hague
7. L
ake Annecy
8. Michael O'Leary
9. Michael Clarke Duncan
10. Sheffield
11. McDonald's
12. He piloted a hang glider to lead a flock of 20 cranes to start their migration
13. James Harding
14. Westminster Magistrates Court
15. The Quadfather
16. Heavyweight boxing
17. Bill Roache aka Ken Barlow
18. Ten
19. She sent too many texts
20. Mars Bar

The Northcliffe Editors XI - how many did you name?

So, how many editors did you spot? They are Back Row: Fidler (former ad manager at Derby) Kevin Booth (editor at Burton Mail, formerly at Yorkshire Evening Press), Jeremy Clifford (editor at Sheffield Star, formerly at Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph) Keith Perch (formerly editor of the Leicester Mercury, Derby Telegraph and South Wales Echo), Lewis Panther, Mike Lowe (editor of Cotswold Life, formery editor at Bristol and Derby), Mike Sassi (editor at the Sentinel, Stoke, and previously at Lincoln), Unknown, Simon O'Neill (editor at the Oxford Mail, previously at Swindon). Front: Dave Welford (Derbyshire Times), Richard Bowyer (deputy editor at Stoke), Ruddy Brooks (sport), Cattermole, Mel Cook (editor at Nottingham Post, previously at the Scunthorpe Telegraph and deputy at Hull Daily Mail), Neil Manship (reporter). If you have any details on the non-editors, let me know.

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